Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures say a thousand words

Interestingly, I had a message via youtube from someone who had read my blog, and had a question to ask me.... - this is what they said... and what I said back... :) (have cut it slightly)

Q 'Hi Wendy

Please could you tell me more about "I have come to awaken", the heading to your blog. I thought that I would add that I have read the non-duality books and websites and heard that my true nature is awareness. But I wondered what you meant by I come to awaken. Is it by reading your blog or do you get in touch with people individually?'

Hiya .... back again! Am sooo tired, but will try and answer your questions. When I started my blog, seemingly many moons ago, the intent was to offload some of the energy that seemed to ripple through me endlessly, sometimes it felt like I would explode with the delight and excitement of being alive!

I once saw an amazing demonstration - someone had two tuning forks (used for tuning instruments). Holding them up, they banged one of them, and it sounded.... amazingly, the other one, without being banged, also started to resonate, and started to sound its note. I remember being stunned.

And so, for me, when we are in this world, even if its just walking down the road, our vibrations affects everything around us. How so called 'awake' a person truly is- it is very much like onion skins of consciouseness, one layer off and then another and another etc etc)... so if I am writing my blog, and my intent is to 'wake people' up, as it were, then that vibration is in the words, in the pictures, in the very essence of my pages (and these words as I write to you now).... and even in the smile as I smile as I write to you!!!!! Hahahaha..... when people communicate in any way, shape or form, often huge tunnels/energetic pathways are formed...hahahaha....

One thing I like to do is talk!!! In this case write, and am waiting for my video to upload so I will continue for awhile.

Anyway, where was I. I am happy to answer questions on a one to one basis - you can allways email me ... At one time I used to physically see people and give them 'readings' so to speak (never did like that word, but never came up with one to suit!)

So - am not sure if I answered your questions! You have lots of questions really, I can feel them bubbling away. A bit like bubbles in a fizzy drink! Anyway - write to me, and we shall open up a dialogue. I have stopped inputting into my blog for awhile now - you will have probably noticed the changes in the writings over the years, if you look back into the archives. How did you find my blog? Anyway - thank you, as I have been thinking about wether I will start to do more. One of the reasons I stopped, was part of me got a bit fed up with waiting for people to 'wake up' as it were.... and instead, I have spent the last few years earthing myself.

The planet, and the energy of the moment, as it were, is in a rather magnificent upheaval ..... and I have been wondering where to turn my attention next!

So, in a way, we are all here to wake each other up. I often have a picture (which I do now) of a large mirror, that has been shattered..... I am one piece, you another, etc etc etc. But we have been so long separate we have forgotten we are all one..... and we identify with the single piece we believe ourselves to be. So - when the time is right, we meet the right people at the right time (hopefully in the right order)... and BING... a bit like an old fashioned game of pinball.... things go PING and BHAM and lights light up and noises sound... and it all gets rather exciting!!!

My internet is being rather slow uploading my video at the moment. I have just had a new computer built... and it is SO FAST... my old one kept crashing and drove me totally nuts...

Anyway - like I said, write to me.... if you wish to !!!

sleep well.................... p.s. where in the world do you live?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Squirmy Wormy

Part Two of the setting up the wormery. Now that the bedding has been added the wormery is all ready to give the worms a comfortable and happy place to live......