Monday, July 31, 2006


Sitting in the dark, typing by touch and the words appear on the screen as if by faith
Living in the dark, talking to you with faith, and your words touch my heart, as if by magic.
I invoke, so that all may be in the silence, and know they are not alone ...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

called ....

Time to start working again in a different way I feel. So much work been done on the inside, the inside would now like to manifest more on the outside. Been looking at the work of other artists, and realising that whilst many have stunning skills on the outside, they have got a bit lost on the inside............ so whilst my physical skills are not up to the perfection I would like to work with, I need to work with what I've got!!! Ha funny I find myself. The biggest hindrance I have to working to my highest of high potential as a physical human being, is the physical human being I find myself inhabiting............ now I know why a sense of humour is important !!!!
The piece above, made from wood, and pyrographied and worked with watercolour and coloured pencil is over 5 years old (I think). Just looked around the room to find out where the original lives, and can just about see it stuffed behind a shelf..........

Friday, July 28, 2006

dreams within the dream

Dark night of dreams - ultimate horror kinds........... stalked and pounced on by the shadow - responded with love and persistence and an ultimate sense of rightness and detached interest in how it works. The next night - dream of the perfection of my missing self. The sun, not it's shadow.. complete acceptance of loving kindness of the divine kind.
May I have the strength to serve you in the way my heart leads me too,
May I remember your name in all I do and say and be,

May I be..........

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

water water...........

Waterfalls are wonderful things. Especially when it's hot. These are Welsh Waterfalls. And standing there under this one (you can walk behind it), I thought of the one in Iceland....and part of me was there............. in the special healing place.

But the best bit of all was the gift that the trees gave me.......... Whilst I was on the coach back to the grim and grey, I looked out the window and soaked up and soaked up the green and beautiful. And as I came into the grim and grey, I didn't notice it like I usually do, I just kept seeing the green and beautiful.....

All a matter of focus, and attention.

So now, when standing in the grim and grey, I put my roots down and step into the embrace of the green and the beautiful. And life is good.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

mirror mirror

Mirror, mirror, on my wall,
Who is the Perfect One of all?
Why, He who wears my skin with glee,

I look in you and see Him in me......

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Angelic Clouds

So aware of the sky today... glorious clouds. Been living life yet so aware of the workshop all week too.

New beginnings

Friday, July 14, 2006

Eyes above the mud ...

Ha ha............that's what it's been like this week - me eyes just peeping out above the mud.... like a reluctant frog that doesn't want to get wet. There's been a workshop on this week, say no more !!!! Ha ha........ I mean, no, I haven't been on it - been running round the playground, having conversations at breakfast club about nut allergies and trying to keep balanced in the face of great continual negativity (hey, what's new) I've just watched Big Brother and that Nickys energy is still running round my system - .........But life is good - it's FRIDAY and I've been down my allotement all afternoon....and I got to not go to SPORTS day at school... picked fowers instead and made the same decision I make everytime I pick flowers (every time I go) - which is to grow MORE flowers next year.
Cos flowers take you UP......

Anyway - taking lots of pictures of BEES this week - having great fun on the pollen on my flowering leeks. Don't actually seem to eat many leeks - just seem to let them flower, cos they look sooooooo stunning and the bees just love them......look at all the pollen on this little guys legs!!! Wondering what the bees were wanting to say to me... then fell asleep for awhile and played at being human.... then warm friend sent me an email with a picture in it of a bee.... and for one bizaare mind stopping moment I wondered how on earth she had got hold of one of my bee pictures.......till I actually read her words and it was a pic she'd taken that morning. Sooooooooo - coming back from school thinking about the bees again, and the why of it........and WHAMMY -

Duh.........I got it - and it's very simple !!!!! All connected with beeing an open door etc etc.....(which is simple in a complicated way).... but the message is BE..... that's it !!! Just to simply BE !!! Which brings a whole new light to the understanding of the word become..... BIG CHUCKLES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday, July 10, 2006

Return to Innocence

What Joy....... a brown leaf lying on the pavement that just matched my shoes perfectly I thought. The challenge of taking so many photographs is just that - a challenge.....and an opportunity and an unfolding and a very strange experiment almost.

As I walk the same path to work everyday, along the same amount of concrete, things a little unusual become exciting and prominent in a way that makes me stop dead on my feet. Today I saw a pig. It was balanced on somebodys gatepost. A little plastic pink pig. 'A pig' I said, and took it's photograph, not often you get to photograph a pig on the way to work.

A man was walking towards me, grinning. So I half grinned back, and he said 'good morning'.....- okay, perhaps nothing unusual there to a lot of you.... but this is LONDON... and we're British. Which means you don't say hello to random strangers in case they want your phone, or money or are just very strange.

It took me nearly a year to get a greeting out of the man with the nice dog I passed everyday on his way to the park.

And another thought......... The One who is Perfect is in every moment I take a photo... sometimes he's farther away, and sometimes he's closer and sometimes he's taking the photo, and I know he's taking the photo ('not often enough' I'm being told)

Thought it's about time I'd peel off a layer for you... ha ha.... do you know that I have a full department of friends that help me out. True, you can't see them, true, they find everything incredibly funny, true, they're getting rather excited at meeting you all. 'Just you wait' they say, gleefully....'just you wait' (got me worried now, what do they have in mind!!!) And also true, I have to say - life is not what it seems.......

Friday, July 07, 2006

Dragon Bits

There's bits of me all over the place........and bits of things I've done, all over the place. That's me, in the picture above these words. When I did the mural it was painted on a school playground wall, just up the road from me. Now the school has been sold off, and the old Victorian building is being transformed into very expensive luxury flats. And I'm wondering if they will keep the paintings.........might have a wander up there this weekend and check it out, with my trusting second breath companion (camera).

If they do decide to paint over it, what will they do? Shades of grey? Colour is quite threatening isn't it. Shows how powerful colour is. But even if they paint over the mural ( scene from Harry Potter) essence of Wendy will still be there - grinning at them. Ha funny is that !!!

Challenge: walk around (or sit) for 3 minutes and think in yellow. Start with yellow, it being 5th plane colour and all - one of the mental planes...... Or....try painting your body yellow (no, not will real paint - duh) and see what it feels like. Funny, even thinking about it, I feel better. Been hanging out on the lower planes today...........yucky doodles.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Energetic nibbles.

Well, this posting was all about discipline, and it was extremely interesting and informative - till the computer went all wierd and ate all my then I started again, and managed to delete even more. So have decided that perhaps the learning is of a different variety - and will some back to it again at some point. So will go back to what was wanting to talk to you yesterday, when the weather was hot and more hot. Had all the windows open on the flat, to get somekind of breeze happening. Slept with the windows open and got eaten by buzzing things that buzzed and bit all night, and made me scratch and itch all night. One of my least perfect nights!!!

So - the learning, which is a lesson I am living right all about making sure all energetic doorways are firmly closed. But not just at night. All energetic nibbles have to stop. It really needs to be on the school curriculum does it not!!! How to not give your energy away, how to keep within your own space and not be overwhelmed by the mindwash of others. This is a lot of what I do at school with the kids, in the playground. Don't have to rush in and brandish words of's all far simpler, and far reaching. If someone calls you an idiot, it doesn't mean you are one, does it !!! Duh..............if someones walking away when you're trying to tell them something, doesn't mean they hate you and you're unlovable, just means they don't want to hear what you have to say ! Find someone who does! All learnt in the playground can be applied to all life and ages. And immediate examples.

I live with other beings, supposedly of light (ha ha..........) and one of the female variety just walks in - foul mood and temper walking ahead of her like a black storm. She wants to throw me off the computer as she wants to do something NOW..... battering at my hatches like a violent sea. Ha ha..... part of me would like to stand up and strangle her, but hey, that is not the idea - hee hee - HURRAH - she's gone out again.....(oh no, she's coming back)

I'm the adult here!!! Yeah - good lesson. Spiritual responsibility.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So I walk in the green. Feels different from concrete. Do I appreciate it more having seen my feet walking on the grey for weeks? Probably. Does the green feel my feet are different from others that tread upon it? Probably. More slime to download.

I walk up the hill in silence, letting the grey leak out of my feet into the earth. The trees watch me, and I watch them. They know I write, and they have something to say to you....

We wait, we watch -You see us, but do you really SEE us?

A challenge - next time you see a tree, in fact the very next tree you see after reading this, go and say hello. Not a gruff kind of 'ello' as you furtively look around to make sure no-ones watching (or making sure someone is)..... or like an apology you don't mean.
Greet the tree like it's the first tree you've ever loved. It might be a bit grumpy, it's true. Perhaps if I'd been standing in your garden for a long time and you walked past me without saying anything, I'd be a bit pissed off too. But let's pretend Mr Tree is rather delighted to spend time with you. And most likely anyway, you're the kind of person who feels them watching you as you watch them which case, tell them Wendy sends her

p.s. Forget waiting for a tree.........the next bit of living green will do the trick !!! Go and breathe on it............(clue)

Monday, July 03, 2006


Blue Blue………

So – on the coach on the way back from Wales (a perfect visit you understand) ....
Photographing the sunset, because as you know, 11,000 photos in a year, come rain/hail/shine/boredom/vomit/sleep is a commitment to life itself !!! Am hoping it will become as instinctual as blinking or breathing. I mean when we breathe we don’t say ‘hey, another 39,650 to go today’ (not actually knowing how many we actually breath in one day).

But how many conscious breaths do you do in a day? Now we’re on the subject how many
conscious anythings do you do in a day? Ha ha………..

A challenge:
Set a timer, and for the next three minutes, everytime you breathe in, say ‘yes’ (in your head), and everytime you breathe out say ‘up’. I guarantee you’ll feel better. Small print: say the words in your head, and feel them in your heart.

Actually, that goes for my whole blogness. Read the words in your head, and feel them in your heart. My pictures – see them with your eyes, feel them in whichever centre they settle in. Some of my pictures on this site are vibrating quite slow, some are quite high. It’s all like fishing really.

I could write loads of words and perhaps only two out of every how many thousand would be able to understand them, or I could write a whole load more words on another plane level and a whole lot more could understand them. But I’m not going to fish for the lower plane denizens………I’m fly fishing for the cream of the crop, for the ones who are awake, but just haven’t grasped the fact yet….. ha ha….. So – a special kind of bait. Sweet.

So – back on the coach, taking what felt like a million pictures out of the window. Could feel everyone around me wondering what on earth there was to photograph – the sun does the same thing everyday – turns a funny colour, and goes down. As I sit there thinking ‘hey, I’m only trying to take a picture of a sunset’, when my head turns and I catch a glimpse of the on-board tv screen that hangs suspended from the luggage racks overhead. It shows a huge sunset, and a picture of a coach, the same as the one I’m sitting on.’….. ha ha……..very funny.

Look out the window, feeling a great joy well up inside me, and the next picture I take has a perfect heart formed in the cloud. Ha ha………very funny. How can we not feel loved, and loved and loved…….

I could go onto tell you about the blue white lorry, with the big white lettering on the side, which in itself would just be a big white lorry with lettering on the side. But if you knew the question I had asked the second before it appeared, you would be as delighted and amazed as me, to know that the big white lettering on the lorry said ‘Skybound’

Which is why this posting is called blue
(Big Clue)

Love of a neverending variety - Wendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Strawberry Heaven

Am beginning to get a (slippery) grip on how this all works. Basically, EVERYTHING has a lesson prepared. Kind of like discovering that everything around you is soaked in a deliciously more-ish heaven-like yumminess....... but you didn't know that all you have to do is be in the right place at the right time, with guidance in residence (debate goes on upstairs about this - er, haven't had the definitive on answer on this one, so will go on, whilst they are occupied elsewhere).... okay, will change the analogy - you just dissolve the experience on the back of your tongue.... and Hey Presto - all the info kind of spills out !!!! Like we walk around in a huge arcade of answers, just didn't realise a) you don't need money.......

BiG clue - you just need attention !!!!!! Ha ha............ And the silence of the mind to hear the answer. Actually, now we're on the subject, you won't need your mind anymore. Yes, duh.... you need it to the extent of running the shadowlands body experience......... but to pick up all the answers to the questions, you just need to get your mind out of the way.... (oh dear, have upset them upstairs again, they are showing me a door to a whole BLOCK of offices to do with 'stepping out of your mind' - old stuff, old patterns. Lets sack them shall we?

You're Sacked !!!! Fired - literally - ha ha......big bonfire upstairs. Old Way gone - New Way just begun. No more lifetimes of chanting unfamiliar phrases, no more sitting in awkward postions for uncomfortable lengths of time, now more tying up the mind with the mind.

And how amazing - my life is now puctuated with immediate examples, to illustrate the point. A bit like these words, with pictures interspersed to illustrate the point - but life happenings as the pictures. So when I typed the paragraph above, a friend phoned, and mentioned a new way of working with the mind that someone was using as a method to go beyond the mind.

And then I come back to the computer to re-type, and another friend phoned and I was offered something most delicious which I am not ready to share with you right now....

So - need to go pack, so the message from the strawberries will have to wait.... but it was about love - all about love............