Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Energetic nibbles.

Well, this posting was all about discipline, and it was extremely interesting and informative - till the computer went all wierd and ate all my then I started again, and managed to delete even more. So have decided that perhaps the learning is of a different variety - and will some back to it again at some point. So will go back to what was wanting to talk to you yesterday, when the weather was hot and more hot. Had all the windows open on the flat, to get somekind of breeze happening. Slept with the windows open and got eaten by buzzing things that buzzed and bit all night, and made me scratch and itch all night. One of my least perfect nights!!!

So - the learning, which is a lesson I am living right all about making sure all energetic doorways are firmly closed. But not just at night. All energetic nibbles have to stop. It really needs to be on the school curriculum does it not!!! How to not give your energy away, how to keep within your own space and not be overwhelmed by the mindwash of others. This is a lot of what I do at school with the kids, in the playground. Don't have to rush in and brandish words of's all far simpler, and far reaching. If someone calls you an idiot, it doesn't mean you are one, does it !!! Duh..............if someones walking away when you're trying to tell them something, doesn't mean they hate you and you're unlovable, just means they don't want to hear what you have to say ! Find someone who does! All learnt in the playground can be applied to all life and ages. And immediate examples.

I live with other beings, supposedly of light (ha ha..........) and one of the female variety just walks in - foul mood and temper walking ahead of her like a black storm. She wants to throw me off the computer as she wants to do something NOW..... battering at my hatches like a violent sea. Ha ha..... part of me would like to stand up and strangle her, but hey, that is not the idea - hee hee - HURRAH - she's gone out again.....(oh no, she's coming back)

I'm the adult here!!! Yeah - good lesson. Spiritual responsibility.

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