Friday, February 19, 2016

Cumbria Welcome

It has been such a lovely move up to the beautiful Lake District. I was born here in Cumbria, and so return to my roots. I have missed the mountains!

From my studio window I can look out over to the distant hills. Stepping through the back garden gate onto the playing fields, and a two minute walk brings me to the River Kent.

The wildlife in our garden alone is very impressive - we feed the Rooks, Crows and Jackdaws, as well as all the smaller tweeters. And best of all is Noah, our resident garden hedgehog, who at the moment lies asleep in his cosy purpose biult hedgehog house.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Download free printable Christmas tags from the Elf!

Just been editing some of our Christmas tag designs to add to the lovely presents we have to go under our tree... thought you might like to download them too!

You can download the pdf file HERE

An A4 sheet of these and other colour variations available to download

Christmas Card Elves

Celestial Elf and I have had a busy day finally organising our Christmas cards - designing, writing a poem, printing etc. When we had finished (with a pause between to eat yummy home-made soup), I took the opportunity to use some of my lovely rhinestones which have been sitting around waiting to say hello. After much deliberation we decided a lovely dark red one added a finishing touch to the centre of the sun....

As a Christmas Giveaway you can download the card here (saved as a .pdf file - two cards will print on an A4 sheet) - all you need to do is print and cut. Add your own glitter rhinestone etc to suit! 

If you do use it, would love to hear from you... ; )

Wendy Elf & Celestial Elf Christmas card
Mr Robin had his lunch and got fatter!

Rhinestone added in the centre of the sun...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wonderful Plumber

We really like our plumber.... he's funny, tends to sing a lot, and also is totally reliable! Last time he was here, a week ago, he fitted some new taps in the bathroom. Unfortunatley we also needed a new toilet cistern..... booooo to more expenses! However, he also made an order for lots of my wooden goodies, which we will take off the price of the new loo. Fantastic!

Anyway, we made him a special wooden badge as a secret Christmas gift..... don't tell him!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Presents for Drama Queens

Had such good fun making some lovely wooden badges - especially for Drama Queens! Have to say, my daughter is definitely going to be getting one for Christmas. Or perhaps I might make a HUGE one for her and attach a magnet to the back - when she has a hissy fit I can stick it on the fridge just about eye level!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cake Topper Heaven!

We all enjoy a good munch of cake...... well, perhaps all of us! I certainly do, which is why I am now taking amends to munch less cake and eat more apples.

Have been making some wonderful wooden cake toppers - ideal for transforming the simple cup cake into something extraordinary. The large toppers are perfect for wedding, birth, death, anniversary, cakes of all descriptions! Personalised to suit, you may choose to have any words you like burnt onto the banner....

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Magic in the air tonight!

Magic Key, Magic Key, I see you there
What will you open? What will be there?
Magic Key, Magic Key, wooden and fine,
I think that I need you, come now and be mine....

Having so much fun with my new range of keys. Somebody lovely on my facebook fan page was asking me if I did 'Santa' keys. Just as I was designing some! I quickly speeded up production (which involves making sure I stay off the internet for toooo long), and made a few.
Interestingly, in the picture above, you will see that actually the locking mechanism (that twiddly bit that goes in the actual lock), is the wrong way round!
I therefore used my faithful photo editing software to change them around a bit in this photo. The reason being, that if you hold a key so the writing is the right way up, the lock bit needs to point downwards! All very technical, but hubby now tells me I have it correct...