Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Small Planet

A place where you can feel valued and respected - a place to develop responsibility, respect and confidence. A place where you are heard, and treated as an individual - a place to be safe and to grow. Riversdale.

This is a video I put together for the London Primary School I work in, called Riversdale.
It is a total pleasure working there - the children (and the staff) are full of enthusiasm and zest!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wake up call

Wake up, wake up, its time to come and play
The night is an illusion, and so is this sweet day...
Wake up, wake up, its time to come and dance
Within the bowl of endless love, the only real romance

Wake up, wake up, its time to drop the dream
Its to really recognise was IS the really real
Wake up, wake up, its time to laugh out loud
And BE the heart upon your sleeve, not a sheep within the crowd.

Wake up, wake up, the call has now gone out
To drop the thoughts of separateness and let out one great shout
Wake up, wake up, and remember the one bright word
Stop living in your dream of dreams and living the absurd...

Wake up, wake up, and dance within the hall of fame
You have nothing now to lose, and nothing more to gain
Wake up, wake up, and surrender to my love...
Allow yourself to dance in flame and the energy from above.

The calls gone out, the boxes ticked, your name is on the list
You mind will now be cleared from the thoughts within the mist
The silence now does beckon, its waiting here for thee
Just open up your lovely eyes, so you can finally BE......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vote for my video!

Help me win please!!! If you vote for my video, I have a very good chance of winning this competition!!!! Check it out... is a very SHORT video segment that is part of a larger thing they are doing for the release of a new Queen album (you can see all the rest of my competition in their 'gallery'... ).... THANK YOU !!!! Tell the world!!!http://queen.logitech.com?vid=141

Update - thank you to voting... I won!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Video Making Mayhem

I was up very late last night putting the finishing touches to a new video... Its all because I had an email from Logitech, telling me about a new competition involving the use of my Logitech webcam. Wouldn't have been that interested, except that only a couple of hours earlier, my son had been telling me bout how he was thinking of getting a Sqeezebox thingie (so you can play streaming radio). And it just so happens that this is a prize in the aforementioned competition!

Anyway - this video here, is just something totally different, but when I DO finish the competition one, I will post it here, and you can PLEASE VOTE FOR IT !!!