Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being Sick is Great!

Reasons to be Cheerful...

For some reason I got horribly ill a couple of days ago... I felt like I was being purged! Twas my stomach, poor thing. Ate something that made it most unreasonable SICK..... I can talk about it with some relish now, as I have regained my sense of humour, but at the time I just flopped around like a poor fish just flipped out of its little bowl. With occasional mad scurries to the loo, which I began to dread as the evening wore on.
The GREAT thing bout the whole interestingly macabre experience (and trust me, I have not gone into the full gory details of it at all...), was that I suddenly lost what seemed like an incredibly large amount of weight. To be honest, I thought my scales had broken, or brain wasn't working properly.... as when I looked at the scales they gave me random numbers I didn't understand - certainly combinations of numbers I hadn't seen before. Basically, the units column had dropped by a rather unprecedented amount!

Anyway - feeling great now, though a trifle delicate, as it were. As well as doing the lunchboxdiet, I have been looking into the whole aspect of 'raw food'. As in eating things which aren't cooked. (Vegetable, seeds, nuts) I dehydrate a lot of things, so this kind of fits in with the whole ethos too. I have recently changed my attitude to the whole concept of eating. My body just went through more than just an illness - it seems to be running its own MOT .... will let you know what happens next!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wendy's Kitchen

I was asked to do a testimonial video bout the LunchBoxDiet (I love it),the request was for a kind of normal face to camera 'I like it because' type thing....and I looked at my reasons why the idea didn't kinda grab me totally... the words that follow are the words I used to say no (to that format) - the video is the one I DID put together......:

"No fears, it sounds delightful - I do love an audience! However, I operate in this world with a rather unusual/interesting understanding/perspective.....and my reasons for not wanting my face (as in this bodies face) appearing anywhere are as thus -

When we as people, allow ourselves to be linked into, in the way you describe (i.e. video access), ENERGETICALLY we are also linked into. Not sure how many people you have viewing your website.... but would I really want that many people linked into my system? Nope!

However, when they are linked into me via my videos, or words or poems, or artwork, or in any other ways, its kinda different, as it is more on my terms, as it were. As you know, human beings are rather good at making various uncomfortable realities that they then inhabit (a bit like the holo deck on Star Trek), as a personal trainer, you yourself must spend time cracking people open and encouraging them to step out of their old limitations and self imposed restricting mindsets......

I work in the same way, but spiritually/energetically.......... and I find I can reach more people if I access them through more unusual methods. Yes, it would be easy and great fun for me to appear on your website... talking is one thing I love to do - either in words from mouth, or words from fingers (look at the length of this email allready!). However, people would only see my form, and be limited by that....."

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up, its time to come and play
The night is an illusion, and so is this sweet day...
Wake up, wake up, its time to come and dance
Within the bowl of endless love, the only real romance

Wake up, wake up, its time to drop the dream
Its time to really recognise was IS the really real
Wake up, wake up, its time to laugh out loud
And BE the heart upon your sleeve, not a sheep within the crowd.

Wake up, wake up, the call has now gone out
To drop the thoughts of separateness and let out one great shout
Wake up, wake up, and remember the one bright word
Stop living in your dream of dreams and living the absurd...

Wake up, wake up, and dance within the hall of fame
You have nothing now to lose, and nothing more to gain
Wake up, wake up, and surrender to my love...
Allow yourself to dance in flame and the energy from above.

The calls gone out, the boxes ticked, your name is on the list
You mind will now be cleared from the thoughts within the mist
The silence now does beckon, its waiting here for thee
Just open up your lovely eyes, so you can finally BE......

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rings

The Rings were ready, the people were gathered round... and the wedding was beautiful!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Beautiful Angel

The Beautiful Angel stood and smiled and looked at me awhile
"Why don't you make me talk", she said, "then you can make me smile".

Though carved in stone, I realised, that it was just another mask
And playing as I do now, I would start another task

I had wondered what she would say, but a blessing it will be
But let us now just wait awhile, and then we shall all just see........

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Technology will travel! New Eee notebook !!!! WILD FOX

How amazing and cool is this!!! Am sitting in the 'garden' - ok, it is almost like a little path running down the back in between other peoples gardens that are most definately bigger. But its lovely!

WOWOWOWOWOW can you hear my heart beating!!!!! As I was writing those very last words, a FOX wandered down the path (looked like a young one), got to about 8ft away from me, before it noticed me scrabbling for my web cam..... phewy......calm down Wendy....... *breathes deep*. It was soooo beautiful, and looked so innocent...

I am actually sitting out here seeing if a) I can get a wireless signal on my notebook, so I can pick up my internet - I can, and it says I am getting 6.5 Mps, which is kinda fab....and b) if I can take pics with my fab logitech webcam (cutting out the need to take them on my camera and transfer to computer)... - and I can!

So here goes.................... as I upload - greetings from my garden of delights.....:)