Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wendy's Kitchen

I was asked to do a testimonial video bout the LunchBoxDiet (I love it),the request was for a kind of normal face to camera 'I like it because' type thing....and I looked at my reasons why the idea didn't kinda grab me totally... the words that follow are the words I used to say no (to that format) - the video is the one I DID put together......:

"No fears, it sounds delightful - I do love an audience! However, I operate in this world with a rather unusual/interesting understanding/perspective.....and my reasons for not wanting my face (as in this bodies face) appearing anywhere are as thus -

When we as people, allow ourselves to be linked into, in the way you describe (i.e. video access), ENERGETICALLY we are also linked into. Not sure how many people you have viewing your website.... but would I really want that many people linked into my system? Nope!

However, when they are linked into me via my videos, or words or poems, or artwork, or in any other ways, its kinda different, as it is more on my terms, as it were. As you know, human beings are rather good at making various uncomfortable realities that they then inhabit (a bit like the holo deck on Star Trek), as a personal trainer, you yourself must spend time cracking people open and encouraging them to step out of their old limitations and self imposed restricting mindsets......

I work in the same way, but spiritually/energetically.......... and I find I can reach more people if I access them through more unusual methods. Yes, it would be easy and great fun for me to appear on your website... talking is one thing I love to do - either in words from mouth, or words from fingers (look at the length of this email allready!). However, people would only see my form, and be limited by that....."

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