Monday, August 29, 2005

Exercising common sense

Hiya troops...........

This is going to be an online demonstration of excercising common sense. Choice ... dance in this stream of playful consciouseness........ words stream, visions delight, answers to question arise and alight......... mmmmnnn, feels so good in here........

Or wait for the energy to cuuuuuuuuuuurve around that bend - and JUMP off...........

love and experience - Wendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy and Excited

Hiya playful ones...........

Okay - so here I am in the playground, on the swings, on that roundabout thing that goes incredibly fast and takes you to other worlds ... (that is a good place to be, and will be explored further, as other beings in those other places would like to join us in our playground to play, but am sorting out some kind of 'pass key' operation at the moment......... y'know....... put you thumbprint here to identify your true intent and will........ can't have any old riff raff sneakinf into play can we !!!)

However ... decided to change the subject - poem:

Am out of the box and here to play
Joy of joys, it's a laugh all day ....

Love and an apple - Wendyxxxxxxxxxxx


Hiya troops ............

I mean its funny isn't it..... you've got to admit - look at this human body we work in. And look at the immensity of experience and understanding that pours out such a tiny wee gap into this shadowland scenario..............

A bit like having a huge bag of icing, as big as the world, and a tiny little nozzle of experience to express it through.......

Beginning to appreciate and understand the meaning 'eye of the needle'.

Have got lots of new names I could have called my blog - here are some of them.

Eye of the needle

Through the door that Alice missed
(specially like this one, but this is the kind of basis of my website, which is definately the 'garden on the other side of the door that Alice missed' - though admittedly, before you all go charging off to have a look, at the moment its more like 'the place that Alice is taking the dust covers off within' .... so order is on its way in - CROSS MY HEART it was fun to die .... just handling earth time is a wee bit like the impossible at the moment.

Mission Impossible
Now that one just made itself known to me. Think we will have a whole new posting on that one...

Can I eat now
Well being a stream of consciouseness gavorting in the world kind of leaves things like meal preparation somewhere behind in the car park

How to manifest a cleaner/cook
Er, upstairs department getting silly now - okay, you're not, but if I carry on having SO MUCH FUN on my blog page the cleaning of my upstairs room does not happen as it should, and I also have a picture to find online, and a website to finish......and, and, and,

Living the ~NOW
Good advice ... bye !!!

Gooooood morning universes !!!

Hiya -

Like to send out my love and appreciation to all those interested parties currently having a sneak preview of what is to be ........

Thought I'd start playing with little quotey things - hee hee - now THAT'S fun is it not !!
'Love born in the Truth liberates without binding and fulfills without
overpowering; it is a pure blessing not only for yourself, but for each and all,
for ever and ever, in the "eternal now" '

Yeah.............. Love and Joy of the constantly streaming kind - Wendy xxx

Friday, August 26, 2005

This is a carrot thats flowering you see, it's delighted to be here and play with me. Feel the joy it carries within, and feel it laughing as you look in .....

Heaven on Earth is here at last, frequency high, its such a blast. Always up, not coming down, there's even love in every frown. Invited now the world we see, to step in light and become free. Promises given now, all around, the time ir right to reach new ground. To reach the ground you knew was there, to open up to Loves new stare. welcome friend, and please come in, it's time for now a new way begin.

Hee hee.........


Through the door that Alice missed
Through the parting of the mist
The light envelopes everyone
Can you hear the love and feel its song ?...


New day - new dawn, new time .......playtime!