Friday, June 30, 2006

One grain of sand........

No words are big enough to hold and share with you the love I hold for The One who is Perfect.... one grain of sand in a thousand year old footprint of his could burn you if you weren't ready for it........

So, I get that one piece of sand and grind it down and grind it down and grind it down. I distill it in rose petals, and season it with a twinkle from my eye.

Drink dear ones.......drink and be merry !!! Ha ha.........such joy, such learning, SO MANY WORDS TO WRITE !!!!

Central Controller

At school today with the children – joy of joys…….but this week an awareness has been dawning, an understanding arising within me, like fish coming up to nibble food floating on the top of still waterAnd this fish of understanding lays in front of me. Admittedly it’s gold in colour, perish the thought it’s a giant goldfish……..

I need to give you some idea of how our school works, well, more like a flavour of how it tastes. It’s sweet, with the occasional sour grape, but mostly sweet. And there’s always more to keep you going. More of everything. More kindness, more listening too, more fun, more surprises, more things to enjoy….more, more, more. We have a ‘glass half full’ mentality. Life is good. It’s not a struggle. There are no problems, only solutions. Everything has a reason. We care.
You’ll get to know my school more, in different ways, as words are written, but for now, that’s enough. And my goldfish of understanding? That even in my school, with all the wonderfulness about it, the children are treated as children. And they are more than children, just as you reading this, are more than what you ‘think’ (ha, ha) you are. So, a child is ‘all over the place’, often lashing out, emotions immedietly acted out on, not conscious of their actions. (We have such a delight in my breakfast club…..more about that too another time!!!) And he is oftentold off, told to sit down, watch what he’s doing………to keep still.

His problem is that he is simply not in his body. He has no-one in charge. So when waves his arms around, he’s not actually aware of himself doing it. He doesn’t like eye contact, because it brings him closer towards being here. (As in earthed) And no-one is telling him anything useful about being here, so I can see why he’s not really interested in arriving. Where he resides is far more fun.

He’s like a plane that is just set in one long holding pattern over Heathrow airport. So – he’s only one. There are more, all different, all teaching me different things. Well, more like all the learning and understanding that I have access too spills out of me when situations arise, though it takes me a fair time sometimes to work out what on earth has been going on. Situations arise immedietly with children. When I am in the playground with the 4/5/6/7 year olds it is a whole new world. They know far more about being alive than we do, yet adults deign to ‘teach’ them….. ha ha…. I cannot begin to tell you how funny I find that………but I already am, aren’t I !!!

So - it's started. The new way of being with children. Well, I've been doing it for awhile now (magic crowns, special fairy dust, the tree, the tree, swords of understanding, happy juice, magic biscuits) but something has changed, since I can finally begin to see the havoc untrained devas play, or family wraparounds etc etc...

So much I have to tell you…………. Hee hee…………

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thrown Beauty

Well, I could have used the word 'litter'.......but can you feel how your vibration immedieatly drops? In fact, plummets, rather like litter does from a little hand (as in conscious awareness rather than size) to the floor/pavement/grass/road/tree..........etc etc. Well - the effects of taking my 11,000 (photos, in a year, in case you didn't read earlier) has allready has reached profound heights. But there again, the more you get to read me, you'll realise that my life is lived on The Pinnacle of Profound Heights. So perhaps I need to slowly start to map out to you the ways of seeing, in Life According to Wendy. It does come with a health warning.

Profound Health Warning.......Phew - in other words: (and a promise) Stepping with me awhile WILL change you.....well, not exactly change YOU, but seeing as most of the population don't know who they are (which is very very funny), but a bit like a various, a trojan horse, so to speak, magic of the inner kind will work it's way through your system. Life is not what it seems !!!! (Great laughter and immense joy)

Okay - the effects of taking the pictures. As I was walking back from school at 1.30 pm today, (no, I am not an incredibly intelligent 5 year old, though we have a lot in common) I realised that I was looking at everything differently than I usually did. No camera with me, as I was carrying a green watering can too at the time (science experiment in the playground) was caught by the awareness of the things I could take pictures of if I did have it. Then I kept seeing all the rubbish. It was truly stunning. Masses of it, caught in railings, blown into little tiny places you wouldn't think of........ and then I started to connect into all the people who had thrown it, or dropped it. Not connecting straight into my own system, but seeing all the cordings, and handing them over to Him. And I started to understand and feel the lack of love..........usually, happy people don't throw rubbish. Well, I should say happy AWAKE (or kind of awake) people, don't throw rubbish. They care, they have a frequency of order about them. They realise even if it be on some deep deep unseen level that we are all One........... So, then I started to see the rubbish and feel the love, at the same time.

Seeing rubbish used to drop my frequency. My vibration would become snarled up, and follow it down. The rubbish deva would trash my system too. Not now !!! Ha Ha !!! I loved every piece of rubbish all the way home. But it was more than that - I loved every person connected to that piece of rubbish... and a lot of the people connected to the
people who were connected to the rubbish !!!! Glorious it was......... What astounded me was the sadness. The lost and lonely sadness of it all. There's nothing quite like a white plastic bag blowing forlornly without a home. In the midst of it all, lo and behold, was a man collecting the rubbish, with his bright green flourescent jacket, black bin bag, and long white stick. I often say hello to them (no, I don't know them) and say 'well done - you're doing a grrrreat job'. They are allways delighted and break out into big smiles. They are the unseen in our world a lot of the time. Like the rubbish we walk over. And look what they are doing - collecting all that sadness and giving it a home........ha ha... just like me !!!

Do you know, a perfect master could be out there picking up rubbish right in your road this very minute !!!!!!! And then I got home - and found myself looking at my feet, and seeing what kind of rubbish I have in my own home......... Well, not so much rubbish perhaps, but things without a home (though that piece of cardboard was definatly a piece of rubbish, not sure where that came from). The hole in the floorboards is a secret place. Actually, when I took it up to do some electrical work underneath I left a little time capsule in there, with a note saying something like 'hello nice person who finds this...........' So - A challenge and an invitation - next time you see a piece of rubbish, love it. Next time you see someone picking up rubbish, tell them what a great job they are doing - watch them beam !!! Then you'll feel good, they'll feel good, the rubbish will feel good.... and on and on and on. Choices - ha ha............

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nectar that bees will die for ....(she is)

ha ha........ yes, I might start all postings with 'ha ha'........ just think, you'll never know unless you check in and read every day (big HA HA)

Just wanted To Share (clue) a little poem from one of the little flowers in the garden....very sweet is this one - nectar that the bees themselves will die for !!!! (she's got blue eyes, that sometimes get even bluer)

Dear Wendyelf, I love your blog
Dear radiant one who walks with God
Inspiring as always, your creative flow
A joy to read, and so shiny to behold
So thanks for sending news of it to me
It made me smile most emphatically
And heart did pulse as wonder I did do
At just what it is that with it you really do do
Frying the blog world, lifting them up
Creating a storm in their unconscious teacup
And so much more, as your expression most rare
Offers delicious morsels of love, spiced with the Master's stare
(if blogging were cooking you'd be a Master(s) chef... chuckle)

P.s. - solved the burnt dinner syndrome.... didn't eat any !!! er - yes, it's true, not a good idea, but neither was missing this weeks episode of Lost and fiddling around with things that you may find on the bottom of this page - little flowers!!!!!! (Have a look right down the bottom and see what I mean) to the Guestbook (hint) er - forget all that - I had some lovely litle flowers and a guestbook, but I misplaced th html code and its kinda of messed up... but it lokked GREAT while it was there !!! This is a pic of the pile of ironing I could have done instead of talking to you !!! But there again, it is like you !!! A collection of different frequencies, all varying colours, textures and material - some put together beautifully, some coming apart at the seam.

Q - if you were a handmade pair of trousers, what kind would you be?


Ha ha............Discipline - now there's a word. Carefully aligned - or not - to the word common sense. Think this picture ses it all really.

Have you figured out what it is yet? Yes, burnt offerings indeed.....oven chips, to go with the burnt chicken I made - hee hee. (my dinner last night)

Was having just so much fun talking to you all, and the all and everything else I was doing at the same time. I'm such a generous soul I did let my son eat all the ones in the middle (ugh) and I made a sandwich with the burnt chicken, which was fairly disgusting if I'm honest - but heh - blue sky, green grass !!!! I mean if I hadn't burnt the chips, I wouldn't have such a perfect example of how NOT to do it, and it would have been one less photo of my 11,000 score I am acheiving (slowly).

Will write at length (er, hopefully not now, or it might be another 'no dinner' night) at the effect taking this many pictures is allready having on me.

All life is a workshop, all breath a teaching !!! Joy of joys !!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Sky Green Grass

Well it would be.......but it's raining (even though those in the know, know, that even if it's raining it's still green grass and blue skies)

But you DIDN'T know, that I live so close to Wimbledon tennis (y'know, where they have those most famous tournements (stirring yawn) every year - and on a good day, if the wind is in the right direction, I can hear the clapping !!!! 9Tennis Ball picture in here, bless them all)

So - if you ever read my blog this week, and think 'hey, Wendy Elf, Light of my Life, I wonder what the weather is like in your part of the planet' you can just check out the tennis (clairvoyantly, live web cams, if they do them - they did at the Chelsea Flower show.... did you see me? I checked out where the cameras were, and everytime I passed one I waved ... but you don't know what I look like !!! Perhaps you saw the gold foot, or the winged foot even, or that neverending smile, or the deep glow radiating out from me.... or the space around me as people avoided my space in case they were CHANGED irrevocably (however you spell it).... and did you see that MOST cute guy who was with me - sigh.... ha ha... you know who you are.... triple chuckle.....and there was me going to let you in on my blog address... hee hee.... perhaps you will rise to the challenge and POST a COMMENT on what a fun day we had (not compulsory)....or even let everyone know what it felt like to have someone force you to wave at a live webcam every time you past it !!!!! A challenge, dearest elf......)

Anyway - exercising Common Sense - (I remember my posting from a year ago) I'm going to go make some food for my starving children. Actually, have moved onto Discipline now, as a key word.....yes, bet you heard that slight devic snarl there didn't you !!!!

Love and freshness - Wendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A BIG clue .........(and a challenge and a choice)

Did you know that blog spelt backward is GOLD !!!

A big clue there dear fact I might change my name to Wendy Big Clue......

Well - perhaps even Wendy LotsofClues.......... did you know the name Wendy means 'walks with God' (another BIG clue)

Over this next year I am going to take 11,000 photographs. Are you impressed? I am. Very. And guess what? You are gonna see some of them !!!! Just got to get a few things sorted out, like a filing system for them, so my computer doesn't blow up, and how I can find things when I want them. For instance in the bit before when I said what the name Wendy meant, I want to put a picture of my foot. I mean this is the foot of the being that is/walks with God !!!! How neat is that !!!

So - a challenge and a choice.... which foot is it to be ?- Heathen - and in case you were wondering, from now on, if I write Heathen, it stands for Heart Thumps Energetically - (abc - which means another big clue-)........the Heathen word will change, but a bit of healing to all the misuse of that word won't go amiss will it - I remember the burnings and slayings and all things horrible in the name of justice and freedom (up you go me earthbound souls)..........ha ha.........mega big chuckles.

So - a challenge and a choice.....which foot will be posted first - my right foot or my left foot. The first foot to get 5 votes get the posting !!! And who knows which it will be !!! I might just have three toes on one foot, or one foot might be gold, or one foot even might have little wings above the ankle !!! Gosh - if I was you I'd be getting excited allready (all those with little wings above their ankles are shifting uncomfortably at the thought of the potential exposure!!!)

Love you all..................Wendyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya World !!!! And beyond !!!

Yes, after a year off for extremely good behaviour, I am now back again to write some MORE.
And thought I'd start off in a simple humble way, by sharing with you a poem I wrote in response to one sent to me by a stunning more-than-a-human cosmic collegue......MORE on all this and everything later.........

Thank you for your stunning poem
That sits and grins in my wee home
And gives me a clue where to burn my own stuff
My God, I've really got enough
To set the whole of London far alight
But like you, I had wondered where
I was to burn my underwear
But I've got a chimney, and a grate!!!
So, I can get cracking, no need to wait
And thank you for reminding me
About the burning, of clothing off me.
And Jane, dear geourgeous one, I have to say
It was such a joy to see you on the everyday
We danced and laughed at the Masters jokes
And laughed and laughed at His cosmic pokes
Your joy was enjoyed by Him, and also me
Evident the fun, for all to see,
And evident too, your nose blowing was too
I thought at one point, Teresa might shoot you..........
Ha ha, it's all funny, and such a sweet gas
Produced by that pea soup that we all ate en masse.
HE suggests I produce daily thought blog,
So this poem I might add to break up the fog
Of illusion, despair, and serious heads
To wake up the masses, and break up their beds
No longer to sleep or snore in their ignorant bliss
I'll shout in their ear and just give them a kiss
A kiss for being naughty, and a kiss for being good
And kiss for being how they shouldn't and one for being how they could
In fact I think I'll just kiss them, just kiss them awake
So that when they hear me coming, their very hearts will start to quake..
Well, dearest Jane, just a few lines I wanted to say
I so enjoy your presence my dearest on this, and every day !!!!
And this is the poem from dearest elf that prompted the response above........
Burning Cloth

Burn a piece of clothing He said
It doesn’t have to be something old He said
Think of something that has always irritated you
I thought of something quickly that was blue
And then I knew it wasn’t right
Returning home I searched that very night
Something black will do, that silken gown
I’ve never liked and then I felt a clown
That wasn’t it either, that I knew
I’d have to search again and see anew
And then I waited until the family were gone
Because they’d think me nuts burning clothing in the dawn
And then I saw it, hanging on my screen
Very pink and not the least bit green
A new bikini, irritating it’s true
Given as a gift brand new
Burning a bikini is not as easy as you think
Never mind the nature of the stink
The fumes were toxic I am sure
It looked like fabric but it wasn’t pure
More like nasty plastic, oh dear me
I had no idea what I was setting free
And as for burning easily
Well it didn’t, you see
In fact the place is stinking now
In my studio fireplace and how
I took the closing plate away
As it rained outside today
And now I must dispel this nasty pong
And clear the air and chimney of this wrong
This plastic item wasn’t fit
For anyone to be inside it
I’ve never done an act like this before
I’m shocked by the effect right to my core
The devic presence was virulant you see
The burning now has turned a key
The key to set that fabrication free
To say no more can this ‘stuff’ be
Allowed to masquerade as something fine
When actually it’s really out of line
A pile of ash is all that should be left
And yet again I’ve had to heft
Something else that’s flammable on there
To burn the last, to see its yellow flare
Pink bikinis made like this
Are the opposite of any kind of bliss
Toxic more like in every way
Seducing, reducing day by day
Indeed it was a pretty thing
Shiny with a touch of bling
Perhaps when I was very small
I might have fallen for it all
Indeed if DC hadn’t requested
Such a burning I would have been tested
In another way as I might have thought
That to wear it I ought
As it was of course a gift
Something meant to give a lift
I’m so grateful now I cannot even try
To wear that thing if she comes by
So many things today have been set free
And one of them is part of me
JMD 26.6.6