Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ha ha............Discipline - now there's a word. Carefully aligned - or not - to the word common sense. Think this picture ses it all really.

Have you figured out what it is yet? Yes, burnt offerings indeed.....oven chips, to go with the burnt chicken I made - hee hee. (my dinner last night)

Was having just so much fun talking to you all, and the all and everything else I was doing at the same time. I'm such a generous soul I did let my son eat all the ones in the middle (ugh) and I made a sandwich with the burnt chicken, which was fairly disgusting if I'm honest - but heh - blue sky, green grass !!!! I mean if I hadn't burnt the chips, I wouldn't have such a perfect example of how NOT to do it, and it would have been one less photo of my 11,000 score I am acheiving (slowly).

Will write at length (er, hopefully not now, or it might be another 'no dinner' night) at the effect taking this many pictures is allready having on me.

All life is a workshop, all breath a teaching !!! Joy of joys !!!!

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