Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nectar that bees will die for ....(she is)

ha ha........ yes, I might start all postings with 'ha ha'........ just think, you'll never know unless you check in and read every day (big HA HA)

Just wanted To Share (clue) a little poem from one of the little flowers in the garden....very sweet is this one - nectar that the bees themselves will die for !!!! (she's got blue eyes, that sometimes get even bluer)

Dear Wendyelf, I love your blog
Dear radiant one who walks with God
Inspiring as always, your creative flow
A joy to read, and so shiny to behold
So thanks for sending news of it to me
It made me smile most emphatically
And heart did pulse as wonder I did do
At just what it is that with it you really do do
Frying the blog world, lifting them up
Creating a storm in their unconscious teacup
And so much more, as your expression most rare
Offers delicious morsels of love, spiced with the Master's stare
(if blogging were cooking you'd be a Master(s) chef... chuckle)

P.s. - solved the burnt dinner syndrome.... didn't eat any !!! er - yes, it's true, not a good idea, but neither was missing this weeks episode of Lost and fiddling around with things that you may find on the bottom of this page - little flowers!!!!!! (Have a look right down the bottom and see what I mean) ......next to the Guestbook (hint) er - forget all that - I had some lovely litle flowers and a guestbook, but I misplaced th html code and its kinda of messed up... but it lokked GREAT while it was there !!! This is a pic of the pile of ironing I could have done instead of talking to you !!! But there again, it is like you !!! A collection of different frequencies, all varying colours, textures and material - some put together beautifully, some coming apart at the seam.

Q - if you were a handmade pair of trousers, what kind would you be?

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