Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me and You & You and Me

Infinity in me Loves Eternity in you,
& invites shadows of Temporal/External Antipathy to,
Depart from us Perpetually.
In place Let Absolute Joy and Wonder reign,
For all of the evers in perpetuity xx

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


With Joy and Love,
We Come.

Bless all the Angry

Bless all the angry, and bless all the cross inside
Bless all those lost ones, who from themselves they hide
Bless all the running ones, and all those that froze on spot
No use hiding under stones, cos we just bless the lot

And what is this blessing thing, you look at me and ask
Well tis just a kind of removal of, your hidden kinda mask
A simple kinda melting, of the mind you hide behind
Tis a delicous kind of loving, of the timeless loving kind

Tis just a simple wording, of something from above
Tis very very simply, a cosmic kinda love
Can be done in many words, a glance, or just a shrug
Or even just a kind of, gentle loving hug

So might as well just surrender, and throw your hands up high
And certainly give up that word, that simply does ask why
Cos we will take that simple why word, and throw it on the heap
And watch it roll and squirm about, as that pile grows deep

In fact we'll just take all your words, and rip them from your mouth
So you cannot even answer, and certainly not shout
Might just let you whisper, and maybe ask for more
Of the lovely love thing, that lies simply at the core

The core of the apple, the apple of your self inside
Once peeled and delivered, leaves you naked without pride
But don't worry just be happy, relax and enjoy the show
Cos love will unmask you, wherever you do go

And then we will simply eat you, with a great big spoon
Or simply leap about and grin, like a cosmic loon
So, my loved ones simply, the answer is just this
We are here to kiss you, into cosmic bliss.............

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And waking up to hear your voice
From beyond the dream
Was instant gratification
From that, that lies unseen

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How shall I begin to tell....................

How much love resides beyond the last vestiges of all hope, attachment and desire............................................
How much more than everything is the freedom that shines as we meet again and again..............................................
How far and deep the Infinity that we call home,
that we will leave behind..........................................
How beautiful endless laughter and oceans of joy..............
Here & Now,
We are.

Have you ever....

Have you ever seen a candle, explode and then just stay
In a heightened state of being, just radiating play
Have you ever seen a flower exploding into joy
And reach out and kiss the hearts and minds of every girl and boy

Have you ever seen a teardrop, roll down a face so grim
Then be eaten by an angel, that came from deep within
Have you ever really seen me, as I truly am inside
Have I ever really seen myself, before I came to hide

Have we ever really been us, no, not like this before
Have I have really read the books, I held in place called More
Have I ever really been here, not fully, not like this
Have I ever really experienced the one and only kiss

The answer of course is yes, and yes, and yes and yes
But of course the truth was covered up, by such a cosmic mess
But now the sheets been taken off, and the house be cleaned inside
So welcome All and Everything, One no more needs to hide

And what else is there to say? Cept nothing and the rest
So be warned and be prepared ye world, cos am here to be a pest....
Told you I take no prisoners, no dark and dismal cells down deep
Just a place of glory, so just come and take a peep

I have a book of tickets, for the journey that lies just there
Come all ye lovely loved ones, come dance in golden hair
Come all, we're ready, oh, so ready for this dance
Now that I have finally found, the one to share romance

But romance of a kind not known before, unlike ever before and since
The one I have been waiting for, the handsome, handsome prince
And look down I did from tower, waiting for him to climb up so high
But it is just so funny, cos he just descended from the sky!!!

Such glee, such love, such mayhem, has not been seen before
And there was I just waiting, for that knock upon the door
I should have known it would not be, as this mortal mind did plan
Cos that would have been tried to be thwarted, by those who thought they can

And anyway, lets just say, the book now lies just here
And with every page I do now read, all will become quite clear
So an invitation I do now give, printed on tickets of gold
To all you who read these words now here, be you young or old

What the invitation be for, I will not tell you here
Just a commitment of your heart space, is needed, that is clear...
So settle down now sweetly, and rest your weary feet so sweet
And we shall now deliver to you, the bestest tastiest treat.

Little crumbs might be slowly offered, or you might just be quite sick
And some of you have coverings, of mind, that really is quite thick
But just know that you do be safe, as in our arms your held
As our energy does so coagulate, and into each other meld.

So rest now loved ones, peace, as into you we go
And gently bathe you, sweetly, with the sweetest love filled flow
We pour on honey, gently, and lull you with a song....
And take you on a journey home, to the place you do belong......

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww xxx

Friday, October 12, 2007


Centred, realigned, refocussed, remeshed, dedicated, dessicated, complete... home....:)