Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Should have been asleep...

Tis true.... rl work due to start in just over 6 hours... and there was me having fun.... fun/sleep fun/sleep?.... now there is a dilemma and a half.... Also, the time difference between this part of the world, and second life, means my eyes are trying to shut, whilst the majority (it would see) of people are just coming

Monday, January 29, 2007

life or death

Nothing quite like a dramatic headline is a random wondering... do people who go on second life have people in so called real life to cook for them, do the ironing, shopping, etc etc.... perhaps occasionally even talk to people on the phone, instead of wanting to snarl 'go away'... cos you're right in the middle of some importand conversation/building project/exploration/battle ?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Interesting ..... and I think second life can have impact! Walking to work and looked up, and the sky had just gone mad........was stunning. Felt like I was the only one seeing it - kept looking around wondering why cars hadn't stopped and why people hadn't dropped to their feet in amazement. Had more people looking up to see why I was taking photographs than anything else!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beloved...the return

high place, high heart, good place, thou art
above below, and safe inside, now the time, the place to start
return of all, to land below, and know dear one, I love thee so...

Elf, or second life addiction ?

Ha.... so I suppose there are lots of us out here being patient, waiting for access to wonderland Well, suppose it's a good thing for me really, as I've strained my eyes, been on the keyboard too long!

Very funny it was today, sitting in the staffroom with the end bit of a bottle of frozen water pressed into my eye socket. Ha ha.......'have tried doing a google search for second life addiction' said one bright spark - who had, actually. Of course I had to go and do a search too, just to see what was said. But methinks words have been written perhaps by people who have addiction problems anyway.... lol.

Also, actually, there is not much separation for me between so called real life, and so called second life. Anyone out there seen the film 'closing doors'? Or Groundhog Day? ... Ha ha... we have many different realities, all over the place... ha ha...

Have lots to write about this... hee hee........and the effects of second life on this life...yes, think i shall have to call 'real life' differently....perhaps external life....riding the el. Add the letter 'f' perhaps.... And we have Elf.... (could be then short for external life fun)

Monday, January 15, 2007


I create pieces of artwork by compiling sheets of plywood, and layering them....with different pictures on each layer...rather like creating in SL with prims....funnily enough. This image however was just a straight forward image, painted onto wood using guache.

Double Headed Dragon.........chinese feel to him......interestingly enough, he has something in common with my second life dragon avatar - she known as Riven. If you see us there in second life, let me know if you can see what is similar....


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Have removed the Second Life software from the schools computer. Bless.

SL and RL interface software - the human version!

Bless............. can now be in bed in RL and get messages scrolling down in from of me eyes, from SL without even having the computer turned on! How cool is that!

Ha ha.................true, might have totally lost the plot (87% probability)... but heh...the only problem being when i checkin online, am getting the same information ! Ha ha.... not tested the system to see if it works yet.... the SL and RL interface software, you understand, brand new, hot out of the factory. lol....

And er, tis true, Elf has a few problems with switching things on or off. (lol) But heh - we're working on it :)

Have figured out if I sneak on the RL computer instead of having breakfast before work, lol, I can satisfy my need to talk....(big one that) before I get to work.....then I don't sound too scary in the staffroom.

The Head downloaded the software, gulp, and came online.... but couldn't get past the getting a body bit.....hee hee... so out there, dear friends - got carried away with telling them about wanting to get a horse. And I needed permission to install the software on the schools computers, so I could go online in my breaks :) ha ha......and to be honest, there are no lines drawn between my RL and SL personas...(big red boundary lines) cept a bit more disguised in RL yes, need a bigger disguise!!!!That's it !!!!

...lets see...
lol.... ha ha... gosh, am learning the lessons the hard way. My main problem being that lessons learnt the hard way are even more fun, and even funnier !!!! Now how cool is that ! A WIN/WIN situation !


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Honey, I'm Home !!! lol :)

Ha ha........ am back again ... hee hee. Been journeying awhile.

Hello all my neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww friends.... Welcome to my world. Online, we have been sharing many worlds (anyone out there got even a vague idea what I am talking about?) Sorry, am teasing you..... grin....

Gonna be posting more pics of my artwork, but bear with me dear hearts, so much fun to be had, so little time.... well, all the time actually. There is no such thing as time.

Will shut up now. Post pics instead (a picture can share a thousand words, or something along those lines wasn't it? That would save a bit of typing, wouldn't it !!!)

Bless......... bless you, bless me, bless all I see, bless all I touch and all I be,
Bless the flowers and bless the clouds and best of all, we bless the crowds.
The crowds of those just standing there, waiting for the end just there,
The end of wanting to wake up, the ending of death and drying up
The end of dying whilst alive, the finding of the BIG SURPRISE
So come on dearies, don't be shy, follow me, I'll use Me Eye
The one that just does stare ahead, the one that keeps me from me bed
(Realise now, my dearest friend, my need for sleep has hit the end,
For the past two days, the hours of sleep, you could now count on toes on feet,
Well, one foot only, lets be true, having had sooooooooo much Fun with you)

Hugs and grins - Elf x x x