Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Original Anonymous

'The Original Anonymous,' a title and a half
It really made me giggle, it really made me laugh
Sounds like a super cereal, a breakfast for the brave
Or something you might take direct, when going on a rave

So, among those called Anonymous, it must mean now there is a separate class
Of those that are original, like a kind of special painted glass.
Am thinking of a collection, of the special and the rare
An Anonymous collection, of those residing there

But first of all I shall bless them, all those of that special name
So know now, all you dear ones, that things are not the same!
Anonymouses now be spotted! You're Seen and definately heard!
I can see you all behind your masks, be they spotted or be they furred....

So - here is your welcome pack, comes with cake and bright balloon
And look inside there is a ticket for a film that's coming soon!
It's called 'Third Eye Awakening'....eeeek, is it a thriller or romance???
Or a weird kind of cult film, where you all get up and dance!

Well, you'll all find out, this is quite true... all you have to do is reply
Inside your heart, 'yes' to white rose, you do not question why.
You are saying Yes to life itself, to love and laughter, joy and peace
And to the beginning, of the end, of egos rampant feast!

Well - I see that the book of life has openened once again,
And that little old sweet Wendy Elf, is also not quite the same!
Well, what can I say, except watch this space, and please join in with me
So we may all now dance about, and laugh with cosmic glee

Cos the spiritual temperature is hotting up, the pot is glowing red
And I plan to fill it up I do, with heads that are quite dead -
But - another tale is that indeed, another chapter in the book
At this time my words are simply, a kind of cosmic fishing hook

Cos, as well as being gardener, I also like to fish
And also, being magic, I'll grant you all a wish!
Cept there is only one wish, its yours, and hidden deep inside...
So come onboard this cosmic bus and lets go on a ride!!!!

Till we next do swop some words, and cosmic kinda giggles sweet
Just have a little rest, and put up your tired feet.
Have a nibble of this biscuit, of words now fed to brain
And I fondly say to you, 'farewell', till we do meet again!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year to One and to All.

Some matters arising, inbuilt by the past,
Have influence in nowness if you dont set them apart.

With time to unfold the newness in whole,
Each occasion to see the wonder and be,
As much as your able,  no need for delay,
Take action this moment and celebrate each day.

The blessing of life, of awareness, of free,
Of Joy, Peace and Love, we send it to thee.