Sunday, December 15, 2013

Download free printable Christmas tags from the Elf!

Just been editing some of our Christmas tag designs to add to the lovely presents we have to go under our tree... thought you might like to download them too!

You can download the pdf file HERE

An A4 sheet of these and other colour variations available to download

Christmas Card Elves

Celestial Elf and I have had a busy day finally organising our Christmas cards - designing, writing a poem, printing etc. When we had finished (with a pause between to eat yummy home-made soup), I took the opportunity to use some of my lovely rhinestones which have been sitting around waiting to say hello. After much deliberation we decided a lovely dark red one added a finishing touch to the centre of the sun....

As a Christmas Giveaway you can download the card here (saved as a .pdf file - two cards will print on an A4 sheet) - all you need to do is print and cut. Add your own glitter rhinestone etc to suit! 

If you do use it, would love to hear from you... ; )

Wendy Elf & Celestial Elf Christmas card
Mr Robin had his lunch and got fatter!

Rhinestone added in the centre of the sun...