Friday, August 31, 2007

Elf is....

Elf is sleepy, elf is tired
Elf is feeling rather wired
Elf be thinking SL is tough
When those she loves be feeling rough
Elf be thinking thoughts bit grim
Like hiding in her cave within
Sending out for pizzas and coke
Hoping that she might just choke
And be discovered lying there
With bits of pizza in her hair
But all the time she starts to grin
As bubbles of joy do rise within
Cos Elfie is just a drama queen
Unlike any other she has ever seen
And even when she's feeling grim
Those stupid bubbles rise within
Grrrr, she growls and tries to frown
But the joy won't put her down!
And she may struggle and she may fight
But the love will win tonight
So Elfie shuts up and gives up to love
Hearing loud laughter from above
'Elfie is such fun' they think
'When she's cross she gets quite pink!'
So, Elfie now trots off to bed
Words now written, words now said .....

*mad giggles slowly fade off into the background*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's all about triangles....!!! Wow, how cool is that.. (what on earth is the elf on about NOW???)

Ha.. trust me (???)

Not only in rl have we gone from the old square based structure, SL is actually allready formed of the new triangle system.

Trust me... (hahahah)

It all makes PERFECT sense!!!!

Dream Sparks

HIya sweety.... have just woken up, so am all groggy and sleepy and vulnerable.... Just after I posted the blog before, all the power in the house went out, and not only that - the street as well.. This is London, it just never happens! I turned of the computer, so we didn't get a power surge through it (thought that was very clever of me, though think it would be clever if we have a circuit surge thingie)... and lit a candle. One light. As soon as I did that, the power came back on. Now, I just woke up. Had a dream, I awoke too. Some weird kind of competition, with a few of us watching. Us watching needed to sent out a spark as a signal, so the other members of the team could do something in unison. Our lighter we were using stopped working, we had nothing else to use! We had 30 seconds to find something to use, or we would have lost..... Panic. (we weren't allowed to leave our seats). Then - ask someone else! I grabbed a bag someone had next to me in their hand with a square thing in it that looked like matches... they were toffees!!!!! Eeeek!!!! So, I asked them for a light.. they had a wierd paraffin lighter thingie I struck (nearly spilt the whole thing first, in my excitement!)... couldn't look at my team waiting for my signal. Seeing that spark was one of the most intense things I ever felt, I waved it in the air.....held my breath... Wow. Yes, not only did they see it, they acted in time, and all was well...Phew!

So, my love... we are all sparks for each other. A carefully orchestrated plan - depending on each other.. timing.. and being aware, awake, and trusting enough, to do that right thing at the right all is lovingly co-ordinated, and all happens in the way it should. Peace be with you for we are One!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Beloved Gman, what can I say,
My love for you does fill this day
It fills the world, it fills my eyes
Meeting you, was the BEST surprise
Out of the dark, there came a light
Shining, sweet, it was so bright
Wondered what such a thing could be
Opened my eyes, so I could see
A man was there, upon my tower
Wandered into Elfies bower
Tattooed and cute, and very able
To hold conversation at the table
We spent the time just getting near
To an understanding very dear
That both were intrigued then by the other
Not that then, we were as lover
Weeks did pass, we did not meet
Cept I remembered his dancing feet
Remembered how I felt with him
As in his arms was held within
He sent me words, to say hello
I wondered where the time did go!
And then the meeting, wow, was fab
Just wanted to reach out and grab
All of him and eat him up
From his eyes, the love to sup
My love, my sweet, what can I say
For you, my love, I sleep all day!
For over the ocean, you do so live
So, my nights, I do so give
And with you in playground sweet
We laugh and love with dancing feet
My love, my love, I take your hand
And place on it, a wedding band
Tis made of love and light most clear
Divine our purpose, being here
So to you, I do say YES
And write your name upon my dress
I write your name upon my head
I even write it on my bed!
And now I do now twirl with joy
As petals fall on girl and boy
Entwined in love we dance our way
And spread the love throughout our day
My love, my love, I give my heart
And throw away the poisoned dart
That lay within and tainted trust
I now can see it turn to dust....
My love, my love, now silence be
Cos I am You, and You are Me....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elfie danced and Elfie sang,
Elfie at Home were it all began

And in this space of love and bliss,
She shared a joyful cosmic kiss
With he who helped her bring it down
The energy, without a frown
My love, my love, Beloved be
For I am you, and You be Me....


i love to wait
Oh how i love to wait

i´m sitting here
just waiting

i wait for the bus, just sitting there, letting it all pass me by.


just waiting
people wait too, they wait and wait

i love to wait
oh how i just love to wait

some seem to mind the waiting.
i love to wait

there´s really nothing to it
you just have to be there


Oh i just can´t wait to wait again

Written by a FAB WONDERFUL MAGNIFICENT BEAUTIFUL friend of mine... awww, thank you sweety!! And YES, he has given me permission to use it... ty!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a picture to break up all them words.. :)

looks fab on my t shirt... backround pastel drawing was done by me, hand photowhatsitted on belongs to a very interesting person (now dead), who took a vow of silence for 44 years, and who actually coined the phrase 'don't worry be happy' years before songs singing them words came out and sounded fab... ...(wonderful how it works..heheh)
First person to let me know the name of the person whose hand it may be, will get a FREE t shirt with this on!!! (elfie groans at this point cos it means extra work, and a voice chuckles and says 'haha, serves you right, payement for letting some of the hoover dam trickle out'... *elfie feels a pat on her head, feels suspiciously like someone she knows whose name begins with a G and ends in an M)

ps. - not quite sure where that silly blue line come from under the first bit of this writing...!!!!

hehehehehe (sl addiction) - and washing dishes

what follows are words taken from a web page someone (an interested, concerned 3 party, who found me still on the computer at 9.30 am this morning, after having been up all left open on my screen for me to find...hehehehe...

Internet addiction more serious than OCD

Internet addiction should be grouped with extreme addictive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction and kleptomania, an Israeli psychiatrist said.

Dr. Pinhas Dannon of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine said 10 percent of Internet surfers are afflicted with "Internet addiction disorder," which can lead to anxiety and severe depression.

Internet addiction is classified by mental health professionals as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mild to severe mental health condition that results in an urge to engage in ritualistic thoughts and behavior.

"Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an 'urge.' It's more than that. It's a deep 'craving.' And if we don't make the change in the way we classify Internet addiction, we won't be able to treat it in the proper way," Dannon said Friday in a release.

He said the two groups at greatest risk from Internet addiction disorder are teenagers and people in their mid-50s suffering from the loneliness of an empty nest.

Just like to say - a) am not a teenager... b) am not in my mid 5o's *rolls around laughing at this point* (realise that if I tell you everytime I roll around laughing, you might wonder how I have time to do anything else....

One of the best things I heard someone say about so-called sl addiction was 'its not sl that is addictive, its the people in here... ' awwwwwwwwwwww... sweet.... how true!!!!!!

What is Elfheart addicted to, if anything at all ???.... hahah.... well, LOVE of course!!! mmmm *bathes in it, pours a bucket of it over her head, throws big sparks of it out to anyone within sparking range.. even SPITS out some love!!! (yuck)... (though not actually yuck.. writing the words 'elfheart spits,' is very entertaining to me, and can be a very expressive form of written description (have to add here, that spitting in rl is not something I actually do.. hehehe)

Anyway...gotta gooooooooooo wash dishes *pulls a face*... some of them have a rather interesting growth on the top of them...:) heheh... FAB *thinks about taking a picture and posting it on here*....... joking!!!! haahah....

Awwwww - SO MANY WORDS.... feel like the Hoover Dam has been released.... lol... well, this elfie is going to save those words for later *offers thanks to the thanking department*
Woke up this morning and was handed a list of the titles I need to write about today on this blog... (handed to by whome?.... *forgets how to spell that word*).... well, the list department of course!!!

*walks off into the kitchen laughing with great delight and immense glee, the dishes cower and try to hide and scream 'no, Elfie is coming, Elfie is coming'... the CD player in the corner speaks out in a deep gravelly voice 'grrrr, you not used me for awhile Elfie, what's your problem'.. I explain to CD (sounds like the name of a dj, lol, how appropriate is that...hehehhe) that have a hard drive stuffed with fab stuff but a) never seem to have time to burn stuff to disc b) is quite happy to accept and recieve any cd's anyone would love to donate to her c) except that means posting her address, which is NOT a good idea d) wonders if she can find a way round that one e) realises that the hoover dam is leaking out from a small outlet pipe.. e) it was the dirty dishes disguised as SWAT members that sneaked a team round to the front of the dam and uncapped an old sealed outlet pipe...

HHAHAHAHA - see you guys!!!! (shouts at them loudly, points a long elfie finger at them, watches them run off in a scurrying rabble, very unswateam like.... seals the pipe up tight, and goes off the kitchen to teach them naughty dishes a lesson)

Monday, August 20, 2007

~ A Letter ~ (about integration)

An email to a friend, once sl partner, and someone who I still respond to outside of that... :

Hiya.. .was just in the kitchen and thought of you, and wanted to get in touch, but you allready did today, so thank you....

Blog site - yes, has started doing it again. Have a need to reach as many people as possible now, with my cosmic love messages!!! Also, if you click on 'second life adventures' on the right, under 'links' you will see another site set up by me and my friend Gman. Tells you more of what I have been doing in second life......a different angle, a different response, a different difference, but in the end, all about Love...

Yes, have been very busy lately. My creativity is now in full flow, and am applying that to all areas of my life, with ********, the blog sites, my writing, second life, (have now got a shop that is waiting for my work I can put in to sell) etc etc... have so many words to write, so many things to say, so many people to reach out to....

Am also aware ****....... (this is what came to me just before in the kitchen)...of your love for me, and how you are allways there in the background supporting me.

Am also aware, that you get very little back from me (apart from my love, which is allways there, and allways constant). And I am sorry, that I have at present, no time or space in second life to meet with you and give you the attention that I believe you would like...( I may be wrong about you wanting to spend time with me,

So, I will quite understand if you wish to no longer keep in touch with me, as am not sure that what you are receiving from me is enough. Also, understand, that I love and appreciate, the way you are allways there for me, the messages you send to me on this forum, and the links to little delights that you send me, like the dolphin link etc etc, and value and appreciate your friendship, and would like it to continues....

In second life, have lots to do, with getting stuff ready for the shop (will give you a landmark to it when it is ready), want to add two more of the same towers to my land that I have, (gets quite crowded now on that lil tower, so many come to dance and be) so there will be three, work with Gman on the blog site and exploration, and love and support the people in sl that I have strong relationships with, (and in return, be loved and supported by them) sort out my rl, so it runs smoothly... etc etc.. including looking after myself, with food, sleep, house cleaning etc etc. It all has to be integrated and run smoothly, which means a total integration of everything into one smooth whole.

I have two weeks left of this time off work, before I go back, and a lot of my time and energy will need to go into that, as well as everything else.

This also runs alongside getting my book ready that I wish to write (which means integrating all the mass of information I have compiled allready), and also, meditation on a daily basis again (though am in a 24 hour meditation anyway), and exercise for this poor lil physical body, which seems to be running purely on light, love and nicotine right now... :) - oh yes,and finishing, completing my own web site....

So, not only does the awareness of how the many become One, in terms of bodies of awareness on the planet being part of the One, but in this one vehicle, known as Elfheart/Wendy (there is no separation between them either, they are just different viewpoints of the same)... all aspects of this self, need also to be integrated into One working, running, functional body.

Writing this, have the vision of a huge building, full of many offices, departments etc etc, that needs to run and work smoothly, as an integrated whole. We have a publicity office, a translation service (are you aware of how many different understandings of the same words in one language mean, according to the filters with which people apply when they read something? And then all the different physical earth based languages, and not only that, the different inner plane levels of frequencies that we can work from?)... Phew, quite a job, and that is only in this one body known as Elfheart/Wendy!

Everything that happens to me now, is a teaching, an understanding, a reflection, a mirror, a response. In fact the whole world itself, has become a response to my being *shivers through my body*....(well, it has allways done that, as it does to us all, but can see it all now in its operation) and is done in such a wonderful, playful, happy, funny, excited way.... awwww.. FUNNY being the operative word HOW FUNNY, EVERYTHING has become... lol.... hahah.... well, it allways was, but now, there is just glowing sense of laughter, love, and delight...

As well as rampant exhaustion, chaos, order, and peace. All running in the one space, at the one time... hahaha.... YES... have become the centre, the white dot, the rose, the love, the pain, the sorrow, the joy, the darkness, the love (love again?...hehe)... etc etc etc... See, the list goes on and and and on. There is no ending, no beginning, no start, no journey, nowhere to go, nothing to be, in the end, there is only Me....

Infinite Love, patience, and an enduring loyalty to awakening, becoming and the true flowering of self......

YES!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, August 19, 2007

after the light.....the dark

Scene.... Elfheart arrives back in lovely elven home after being in one of the grubbiest (spits) yucky energy places in sl... swops IM's with friend she just saw there:

Male Friend: bye I have to go too
Elfheart Muni: k
Elfheart Muni: and yes
Elfheart Muni: that place
Male Friend: *kisses*
Male Friend: I warned you
Elfheart Muni: you did
Elfheart Muni kisses her elven ground and hugs it
Male Friend: :P
Elfheart Muni: well, am taking grumpy miserable self off to be miserable and grumpy in rl
Male Friend: aww
Male Friend: *kisses*
Elfheart Muni spits in the river over the bridge
Elfheart Muni makes it rain on her land (changes the weather on her weather system)
Male Friend: aww elfie, I still love you
Elfheart Muni: even after I spat in the river and made it rain?
Male Friend: even if you are grumpy, you are still cute
Elfheart Muni gets a chainsaw out and looks at all her trees
Elfheart Muni: lol
Elfheart Muni: hahah
Elfheart Muni: lol
Elfheart Muni: ok
Elfheart Muni: you cheered me up
Elfheart Muni cuts off her leg instead
Elfheart Muni: eeeek!!!!
Elfheart Muni: *screams for help*
Elfheart Muni: aaaaararrrrghhhhhh
Male Friend: ugh
Elfheart Muni watches her life blood slowly ebb away into the bright green elfin grass....
Male Friend: gee, you are killing me elfie
Elfheart Muni reaches out and writes one last lonely message to anyone who may one day pass her lonely spot
Elfheart Muni: she writes......
Elfheart Muni: ........
Elfheart Muni: *dies....... *

(at which point elfie logs out of sl)

The devil

The devil came and he said to me
'Come on babe, let me set you free'

And his dark red eyes just looked and grinned
As under his gaze, I was so pinned

'But devil' I said, with voice so soft
My neck did ache as I gazed aloft
'What could you give an Elf like me
Who allready knows, that she is free'

Well, he humphed and hawed, and made a sound
Then looked kinda carefully, all around
'Er, Elfie dear, just be so sweet
And get your boots off my cloven feet'

Well Elfie found that kinda fun
And said 'now look' you devilish hun
If onto my tower you did so come
Then you can just shift your big red bum

And come and dance with me right now
And NO am
not a 'stupid cow'
(cos under his breath she heard him mutter
that he thought she was an elven nutter)

So, dear Elfie, small and cute
Led devil by hand, was such a hoot
And made him do the 'soul intentions'
One of her many devilish inventions

That opens all up to their own heart
So she can blow out that special dart
That pierces even the hardest skin
And then in heart, explodes within

The devil, of course, was no exception
To her intruding dart of interception

It went right through his steely skin
And pierced his evil heart within

He felt quite giddy, and he felt quite sick
His brain felt woolly, and his thoughts felt thick
'Er Elfie' he said in deep gravelly voice
'Do I have any kind of choice

Bout the outcome of this event'

(He looked quite ill, and his back was bent)
'Devil, my love, my sweet, my flower
You had a choice, when you entered my bower

When you landed on this tower of mine
You just said YES to all divine'
And Elfie giggled and Elfie danced
As Elfie with the devil romanced

Then lit a flame within his heart
And set alight her love laced dart
And as he then did roar with pain
She fired another dart again

But this one went to his third eye
And he never asked 'oh Elfie why'
Because it opened, and he could see
That even he, the devil, was free

And with that stunning revelation
He abruptly finished his conversation
And staggered off the elfin tower
To find a dark place to sit and glower

And Elfie smiled a silent smile
And sat on mushroom for awhile

She waited with quiet cosmic glee
To await the response, of his feeling free

And showering all the tower with light
Then turned and went to bed that night

And dreamnt of gleaming dark red eyes

Turning towards a new sunrise......

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Growling noises deep from my throat
Is it a weasel, or is it a stoat?
No, it is Elfie, hot and quite strange
Her real life not real, she needs to arrange
Things in a different, time and a place

Things to now change, a new kind of face

As to the world now, a new kind of thing
Is happening gently, unfolding within
A most divine growling, as power unfolds
A new kind of metal pours into new mold
So growling and growling, with a new kind of mad glee
How funny it is, to be this new kind of me........

(hahahah.. q the mad laugh you hear in those old black and white horror movies where the background sets seem to be made of cardboard and the actors have black makeup under their eyes and sharp pointy teeth.. )

Monday, August 13, 2007

White Rose

White Rose

White rose, white rose, that sits in my heart
That gently whispers, ‘remember, thou art,
Thou art each other, and All that you see
There is only One, there is only Me’

White rose, white rose, that now sinks in deep
That says ‘wake up, from your long lost sleep’
And tears do fall, most gentle and kind
They feel like Love, sent to remind

That it’s not all about giving, but to open up too
To remember, remember, to let Love flow through
To let the Love flow, and taste it pass by
To be kissed by the Beloved, and taste the sweet sigh

To taste the sweet sigh, like a touch on your chest
Most gentle and kind, to be blessed by the Blessed
And folded in Presence, surrounded by Love
Beings of Beauty, now come from above

Surround me now gently and say, ‘we are here
You called and were heard, we have always been near’
Such Love and Remembrance, sweet kisses they be
Touch and caress, this body of Thee

This body had sat, and pleaded so much
For humanity to wake, without any fuss
To wake up and remember, there is only One
For the joyful to awaken, and to dance the One song

For loving the loved ones, is like polishing the glass
So the Love may shine through, and just simply pass
Pass through the shell, that surrounds each of them
To shatter the image, of in what they do dwell

To turn them to look inwards, to see who they are
To open to receive, that one divine stare..
They look at me gently, and see only Love
But I am just them, sent from above

Here to awaken, to remind them of Love
And shed all these blessings, brought from above
But I don’t exist, there is no-one here
Just a moment, an out breath, a shiny white tear

The longing to go home, is strong and most sweet
But on this dark earth, rest these most weary feet
I am tired, most tired, of waiting to see
When all do remember, there is only Thee

My love now flows out, and expands into space
I feel you Beloved, the heat of your face
Beloved, Beloved, my tears now flow free
All I do want, is to return to Thee

But I hear you now, clearly, that I am to stay here
And it is now You, that will always be near
White rose in my heart, no thorns to hurt skin
A blessing, a blessing, that sing from within

Given by messenger, one of us all
Who walks on the earth, and seems to walk tall
A thank you to this dove, this gentle sweet one
Who gave to me words, of your most gentle song

My first impulse was RUN… run and just hide
Jump off the tower, or just run inside
But he held me most tight, in gentle embrace
And all I could feel, was the warmth of his face

Physically tired, long hours, no food
Just fed by the love, and a strange kind of mood
That takes me to love, all that I see
To try and unlock, their hearts to be free

But now I must rest, that is now most clear
As this white rose of remembrance, rests in me here
A treasure, a promise, that you said you’d come back
To find me, and give me, all that I lack

So, my sweet tears, I carry to rest
To take within sweetly, like a most welcome guest
That I discovered, does live here, and has always done
And when I am rested, will once more have fun

So blessings and blessings, and more and yet more
Flow from me freely, and puddle on floor
I breathe out your love, and share it in mind
With all those connected, of all humankind

Peace now restored, in and both out
For are we not breath, and the one who was sought
Sought by the many, but found by the few
Now the need to be shiny, and new self to renew

Breathe now on you, sweet one, this one just for you
Who brought me the message, who finally got through
Into my heart space, the place most don’t find
Because it is hidden, from most of mankind

Silence, now silence, and wind in trees sweet
No more of the running, a resting of feet
I open to Love, Beloved with me
Sweetness and blessings….. now be set free….