Sunday, August 19, 2007

The devil

The devil came and he said to me
'Come on babe, let me set you free'

And his dark red eyes just looked and grinned
As under his gaze, I was so pinned

'But devil' I said, with voice so soft
My neck did ache as I gazed aloft
'What could you give an Elf like me
Who allready knows, that she is free'

Well, he humphed and hawed, and made a sound
Then looked kinda carefully, all around
'Er, Elfie dear, just be so sweet
And get your boots off my cloven feet'

Well Elfie found that kinda fun
And said 'now look' you devilish hun
If onto my tower you did so come
Then you can just shift your big red bum

And come and dance with me right now
And NO am
not a 'stupid cow'
(cos under his breath she heard him mutter
that he thought she was an elven nutter)

So, dear Elfie, small and cute
Led devil by hand, was such a hoot
And made him do the 'soul intentions'
One of her many devilish inventions

That opens all up to their own heart
So she can blow out that special dart
That pierces even the hardest skin
And then in heart, explodes within

The devil, of course, was no exception
To her intruding dart of interception

It went right through his steely skin
And pierced his evil heart within

He felt quite giddy, and he felt quite sick
His brain felt woolly, and his thoughts felt thick
'Er Elfie' he said in deep gravelly voice
'Do I have any kind of choice

Bout the outcome of this event'

(He looked quite ill, and his back was bent)
'Devil, my love, my sweet, my flower
You had a choice, when you entered my bower

When you landed on this tower of mine
You just said YES to all divine'
And Elfie giggled and Elfie danced
As Elfie with the devil romanced

Then lit a flame within his heart
And set alight her love laced dart
And as he then did roar with pain
She fired another dart again

But this one went to his third eye
And he never asked 'oh Elfie why'
Because it opened, and he could see
That even he, the devil, was free

And with that stunning revelation
He abruptly finished his conversation
And staggered off the elfin tower
To find a dark place to sit and glower

And Elfie smiled a silent smile
And sat on mushroom for awhile

She waited with quiet cosmic glee
To await the response, of his feeling free

And showering all the tower with light
Then turned and went to bed that night

And dreamnt of gleaming dark red eyes

Turning towards a new sunrise......

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