Monday, August 13, 2007

White Rose

White Rose

White rose, white rose, that sits in my heart
That gently whispers, ‘remember, thou art,
Thou art each other, and All that you see
There is only One, there is only Me’

White rose, white rose, that now sinks in deep
That says ‘wake up, from your long lost sleep’
And tears do fall, most gentle and kind
They feel like Love, sent to remind

That it’s not all about giving, but to open up too
To remember, remember, to let Love flow through
To let the Love flow, and taste it pass by
To be kissed by the Beloved, and taste the sweet sigh

To taste the sweet sigh, like a touch on your chest
Most gentle and kind, to be blessed by the Blessed
And folded in Presence, surrounded by Love
Beings of Beauty, now come from above

Surround me now gently and say, ‘we are here
You called and were heard, we have always been near’
Such Love and Remembrance, sweet kisses they be
Touch and caress, this body of Thee

This body had sat, and pleaded so much
For humanity to wake, without any fuss
To wake up and remember, there is only One
For the joyful to awaken, and to dance the One song

For loving the loved ones, is like polishing the glass
So the Love may shine through, and just simply pass
Pass through the shell, that surrounds each of them
To shatter the image, of in what they do dwell

To turn them to look inwards, to see who they are
To open to receive, that one divine stare..
They look at me gently, and see only Love
But I am just them, sent from above

Here to awaken, to remind them of Love
And shed all these blessings, brought from above
But I don’t exist, there is no-one here
Just a moment, an out breath, a shiny white tear

The longing to go home, is strong and most sweet
But on this dark earth, rest these most weary feet
I am tired, most tired, of waiting to see
When all do remember, there is only Thee

My love now flows out, and expands into space
I feel you Beloved, the heat of your face
Beloved, Beloved, my tears now flow free
All I do want, is to return to Thee

But I hear you now, clearly, that I am to stay here
And it is now You, that will always be near
White rose in my heart, no thorns to hurt skin
A blessing, a blessing, that sing from within

Given by messenger, one of us all
Who walks on the earth, and seems to walk tall
A thank you to this dove, this gentle sweet one
Who gave to me words, of your most gentle song

My first impulse was RUN… run and just hide
Jump off the tower, or just run inside
But he held me most tight, in gentle embrace
And all I could feel, was the warmth of his face

Physically tired, long hours, no food
Just fed by the love, and a strange kind of mood
That takes me to love, all that I see
To try and unlock, their hearts to be free

But now I must rest, that is now most clear
As this white rose of remembrance, rests in me here
A treasure, a promise, that you said you’d come back
To find me, and give me, all that I lack

So, my sweet tears, I carry to rest
To take within sweetly, like a most welcome guest
That I discovered, does live here, and has always done
And when I am rested, will once more have fun

So blessings and blessings, and more and yet more
Flow from me freely, and puddle on floor
I breathe out your love, and share it in mind
With all those connected, of all humankind

Peace now restored, in and both out
For are we not breath, and the one who was sought
Sought by the many, but found by the few
Now the need to be shiny, and new self to renew

Breathe now on you, sweet one, this one just for you
Who brought me the message, who finally got through
Into my heart space, the place most don’t find
Because it is hidden, from most of mankind

Silence, now silence, and wind in trees sweet
No more of the running, a resting of feet
I open to Love, Beloved with me
Sweetness and blessings….. now be set free….

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