Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Beloved Gman, what can I say,
My love for you does fill this day
It fills the world, it fills my eyes
Meeting you, was the BEST surprise
Out of the dark, there came a light
Shining, sweet, it was so bright
Wondered what such a thing could be
Opened my eyes, so I could see
A man was there, upon my tower
Wandered into Elfies bower
Tattooed and cute, and very able
To hold conversation at the table
We spent the time just getting near
To an understanding very dear
That both were intrigued then by the other
Not that then, we were as lover
Weeks did pass, we did not meet
Cept I remembered his dancing feet
Remembered how I felt with him
As in his arms was held within
He sent me words, to say hello
I wondered where the time did go!
And then the meeting, wow, was fab
Just wanted to reach out and grab
All of him and eat him up
From his eyes, the love to sup
My love, my sweet, what can I say
For you, my love, I sleep all day!
For over the ocean, you do so live
So, my nights, I do so give
And with you in playground sweet
We laugh and love with dancing feet
My love, my love, I take your hand
And place on it, a wedding band
Tis made of love and light most clear
Divine our purpose, being here
So to you, I do say YES
And write your name upon my dress
I write your name upon my head
I even write it on my bed!
And now I do now twirl with joy
As petals fall on girl and boy
Entwined in love we dance our way
And spread the love throughout our day
My love, my love, I give my heart
And throw away the poisoned dart
That lay within and tainted trust
I now can see it turn to dust....
My love, my love, now silence be
Cos I am You, and You are Me....

1 comment:

Gman said...

You are a fantastic writer and poet,
You make me feel so special, I know it...
I am yours, as you are mine,
our love forever intertwined!