Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dream Sparks

HIya sweety.... have just woken up, so am all groggy and sleepy and vulnerable.... Just after I posted the blog before, all the power in the house went out, and not only that - the street as well.. This is London, it just never happens! I turned of the computer, so we didn't get a power surge through it (thought that was very clever of me, though think it would be clever if we have a circuit surge thingie)... and lit a candle. One light. As soon as I did that, the power came back on. Now, I just woke up. Had a dream, I awoke too. Some weird kind of competition, with a few of us watching. Us watching needed to sent out a spark as a signal, so the other members of the team could do something in unison. Our lighter we were using stopped working, we had nothing else to use! We had 30 seconds to find something to use, or we would have lost..... Panic. (we weren't allowed to leave our seats). Then - ask someone else! I grabbed a bag someone had next to me in their hand with a square thing in it that looked like matches... they were toffees!!!!! Eeeek!!!! So, I asked them for a light.. they had a wierd paraffin lighter thingie I struck (nearly spilt the whole thing first, in my excitement!)... couldn't look at my team waiting for my signal. Seeing that spark was one of the most intense things I ever felt, I waved it in the air.....held my breath... Wow. Yes, not only did they see it, they acted in time, and all was well...Phew!

So, my love... we are all sparks for each other. A carefully orchestrated plan - depending on each other.. timing.. and being aware, awake, and trusting enough, to do that right thing at the right all is lovingly co-ordinated, and all happens in the way it should. Peace be with you for we are One!

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