Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a picture to break up all them words.. :)

looks fab on my t shirt... backround pastel drawing was done by me, hand photowhatsitted on belongs to a very interesting person (now dead), who took a vow of silence for 44 years, and who actually coined the phrase 'don't worry be happy' years before songs singing them words came out and sounded fab... ...(wonderful how it works..heheh)
First person to let me know the name of the person whose hand it may be, will get a FREE t shirt with this on!!! (elfie groans at this point cos it means extra work, and a voice chuckles and says 'haha, serves you right, payement for letting some of the hoover dam trickle out'... *elfie feels a pat on her head, feels suspiciously like someone she knows whose name begins with a G and ends in an M)

ps. - not quite sure where that silly blue line come from under the first bit of this writing...!!!!


opalair said...

Meher Baba. I googled it.

Elfheart said...

Hiya opalair..... YES! Well done...I had even forgotten I had done this posting from many moons ago until your comment brought it up again. Where I sit at my computer, I actually have the 'don't worry' picture blu tacked on my wall right next to me....