Saturday, August 18, 2007


Growling noises deep from my throat
Is it a weasel, or is it a stoat?
No, it is Elfie, hot and quite strange
Her real life not real, she needs to arrange
Things in a different, time and a place

Things to now change, a new kind of face

As to the world now, a new kind of thing
Is happening gently, unfolding within
A most divine growling, as power unfolds
A new kind of metal pours into new mold
So growling and growling, with a new kind of mad glee
How funny it is, to be this new kind of me........

(hahahah.. q the mad laugh you hear in those old black and white horror movies where the background sets seem to be made of cardboard and the actors have black makeup under their eyes and sharp pointy teeth.. )

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