Sunday, August 19, 2007

after the light.....the dark

Scene.... Elfheart arrives back in lovely elven home after being in one of the grubbiest (spits) yucky energy places in sl... swops IM's with friend she just saw there:

Male Friend: bye I have to go too
Elfheart Muni: k
Elfheart Muni: and yes
Elfheart Muni: that place
Male Friend: *kisses*
Male Friend: I warned you
Elfheart Muni: you did
Elfheart Muni kisses her elven ground and hugs it
Male Friend: :P
Elfheart Muni: well, am taking grumpy miserable self off to be miserable and grumpy in rl
Male Friend: aww
Male Friend: *kisses*
Elfheart Muni spits in the river over the bridge
Elfheart Muni makes it rain on her land (changes the weather on her weather system)
Male Friend: aww elfie, I still love you
Elfheart Muni: even after I spat in the river and made it rain?
Male Friend: even if you are grumpy, you are still cute
Elfheart Muni gets a chainsaw out and looks at all her trees
Elfheart Muni: lol
Elfheart Muni: hahah
Elfheart Muni: lol
Elfheart Muni: ok
Elfheart Muni: you cheered me up
Elfheart Muni cuts off her leg instead
Elfheart Muni: eeeek!!!!
Elfheart Muni: *screams for help*
Elfheart Muni: aaaaararrrrghhhhhh
Male Friend: ugh
Elfheart Muni watches her life blood slowly ebb away into the bright green elfin grass....
Male Friend: gee, you are killing me elfie
Elfheart Muni reaches out and writes one last lonely message to anyone who may one day pass her lonely spot
Elfheart Muni: she writes......
Elfheart Muni: ........
Elfheart Muni: *dies....... *

(at which point elfie logs out of sl)

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