Friday, August 31, 2007

Elf is....

Elf is sleepy, elf is tired
Elf is feeling rather wired
Elf be thinking SL is tough
When those she loves be feeling rough
Elf be thinking thoughts bit grim
Like hiding in her cave within
Sending out for pizzas and coke
Hoping that she might just choke
And be discovered lying there
With bits of pizza in her hair
But all the time she starts to grin
As bubbles of joy do rise within
Cos Elfie is just a drama queen
Unlike any other she has ever seen
And even when she's feeling grim
Those stupid bubbles rise within
Grrrr, she growls and tries to frown
But the joy won't put her down!
And she may struggle and she may fight
But the love will win tonight
So Elfie shuts up and gives up to love
Hearing loud laughter from above
'Elfie is such fun' they think
'When she's cross she gets quite pink!'
So, Elfie now trots off to bed
Words now written, words now said .....

*mad giggles slowly fade off into the background*

1 comment:

Pilot said...

don't worry be happy