Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hehehehehe (sl addiction) - and washing dishes

what follows are words taken from a web page someone (an interested, concerned 3 party, who found me still on the computer at 9.30 am this morning, after having been up all night..hahah...lol...) left open on my screen for me to find...hehehehe...

Internet addiction more serious than OCD

Internet addiction should be grouped with extreme addictive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction and kleptomania, an Israeli psychiatrist said.

Dr. Pinhas Dannon of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine said 10 percent of Internet surfers are afflicted with "Internet addiction disorder," which can lead to anxiety and severe depression.

Internet addiction is classified by mental health professionals as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mild to severe mental health condition that results in an urge to engage in ritualistic thoughts and behavior.

"Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an 'urge.' It's more than that. It's a deep 'craving.' And if we don't make the change in the way we classify Internet addiction, we won't be able to treat it in the proper way," Dannon said Friday in a release.

He said the two groups at greatest risk from Internet addiction disorder are teenagers and people in their mid-50s suffering from the loneliness of an empty nest.

Just like to say - a) am not a teenager... b) am not in my mid 5o's *rolls around laughing at this point* (realise that if I tell you everytime I roll around laughing, you might wonder how I have time to do anything else....

One of the best things I heard someone say about so-called sl addiction was 'its not sl that is addictive, its the people in here... ' awwwwwwwwwwww... sweet.... how true!!!!!!

What is Elfheart addicted to, if anything at all ???.... hahah.... well, LOVE of course!!! mmmm *bathes in it, pours a bucket of it over her head, throws big sparks of it out to anyone within sparking range.. even SPITS out some love!!! (yuck)... (though not actually yuck.. writing the words 'elfheart spits,' is very entertaining to me, and can be a very expressive form of written description (have to add here, that spitting in rl is not something I actually do.. hehehe)

Anyway...gotta gooooooooooo wash dishes *pulls a face*... some of them have a rather interesting growth on the top of them...:) heheh... FAB *thinks about taking a picture and posting it on here*....... joking!!!! haahah....

Awwwww - SO MANY WORDS.... feel like the Hoover Dam has been released.... lol... well, this elfie is going to save those words for later *offers thanks to the thanking department*
Woke up this morning and was handed a list of the titles I need to write about today on this blog... (handed to by whome?.... *forgets how to spell that word*).... well, the list department of course!!!

*walks off into the kitchen laughing with great delight and immense glee, the dishes cower and try to hide and scream 'no, Elfie is coming, Elfie is coming'... the CD player in the corner speaks out in a deep gravelly voice 'grrrr, you not used me for awhile Elfie, what's your problem'.. I explain to CD (sounds like the name of a dj, lol, how appropriate is that...hehehhe) that have a hard drive stuffed with fab stuff but a) never seem to have time to burn stuff to disc b) is quite happy to accept and recieve any cd's anyone would love to donate to her c) except that means posting her address, which is NOT a good idea d) wonders if she can find a way round that one e) realises that the hoover dam is leaking out from a small outlet pipe.. e) it was the dirty dishes disguised as SWAT members that sneaked a team round to the front of the dam and uncapped an old sealed outlet pipe...

HHAHAHAHA - see you guys!!!! (shouts at them loudly, points a long elfie finger at them, watches them run off in a scurrying rabble, very unswateam like.... seals the pipe up tight, and goes off the kitchen to teach them naughty dishes a lesson)

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