Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year to One and to All.

Some matters arising, inbuilt by the past,
Have influence in nowness if you dont set them apart.

With time to unfold the newness in whole,
Each occasion to see the wonder and be,
As much as your able,  no need for delay,
Take action this moment and celebrate each day.

The blessing of life, of awareness, of free,
Of Joy, Peace and Love, we send it to thee.


Anonymous said...

I am finding speaking my truth is making people run away screaming!

Any advice?

Elfheart said... funny! Yes, truth can have many interesting reactions! Well, you could try not speaking...:)... except that truth has a way of kinda splurging out anyway...hehehhe.... you could just try standing there and grinning, radiating truth, as it were (erhm, think they might run away even quicker!)...

But all that really does come to tell you, is to smile... and then smile some more, and enjoy the ride. As like attracts like, at some point you will meet those that don't run away, but bounce truth back at you, and hey...then things get REALLY funny!!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy (and smile!)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the way Elfheart answered that question...sort of like a spiritual agony aunt. Hmmmm could be the start of something more.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Yes, you could have an 'Emotional and Spiritual Elf' section on the website!

Have to admit the question was a bit of a curved ball. A spiritual challenge, as it were, which you passed with flying colours!

Your advice is fab and will be genuinely helpful!

The original anonymous