Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Honey, I'm Home !!! lol :)

Ha ha........ am back again ... hee hee. Been journeying awhile.

Hello all my neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww friends.... Welcome to my world. Online, we have been sharing many worlds (anyone out there got even a vague idea what I am talking about?) Sorry, am teasing you..... grin....

Gonna be posting more pics of my artwork, but bear with me dear hearts, so much fun to be had, so little time.... well, all the time actually. There is no such thing as time.

Will shut up now. Post pics instead (a picture can share a thousand words, or something along those lines wasn't it? That would save a bit of typing, wouldn't it !!!)

Bless......... bless you, bless me, bless all I see, bless all I touch and all I be,
Bless the flowers and bless the clouds and best of all, we bless the crowds.
The crowds of those just standing there, waiting for the end just there,
The end of wanting to wake up, the ending of death and drying up
The end of dying whilst alive, the finding of the BIG SURPRISE
So come on dearies, don't be shy, follow me, I'll use Me Eye
The one that just does stare ahead, the one that keeps me from me bed
(Realise now, my dearest friend, my need for sleep has hit the end,
For the past two days, the hours of sleep, you could now count on toes on feet,
Well, one foot only, lets be true, having had sooooooooo much Fun with you)

Hugs and grins - Elf x x x

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