Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Elf, or second life addiction ?

Ha.... so I suppose there are lots of us out here being patient, waiting for access to wonderland Well, suppose it's a good thing for me really, as I've strained my eyes, been on the keyboard too long!

Very funny it was today, sitting in the staffroom with the end bit of a bottle of frozen water pressed into my eye socket. Ha ha.......'have tried doing a google search for second life addiction' said one bright spark - who had, actually. Of course I had to go and do a search too, just to see what was said. But methinks words have been written perhaps by people who have addiction problems anyway.... lol.

Also, actually, there is not much separation for me between so called real life, and so called second life. Anyone out there seen the film 'closing doors'? Or Groundhog Day? ... Ha ha... we have many different realities, all over the place... ha ha...

Have lots to write about this... hee hee........and the effects of second life on this life...yes, think i shall have to call 'real life' differently....perhaps external life....riding the el. Add the letter 'f' perhaps.... And we have Elf.... (could be then short for external life fun)

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