Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bless all the Angry

Bless all the angry, and bless all the cross inside
Bless all those lost ones, who from themselves they hide
Bless all the running ones, and all those that froze on spot
No use hiding under stones, cos we just bless the lot

And what is this blessing thing, you look at me and ask
Well tis just a kind of removal of, your hidden kinda mask
A simple kinda melting, of the mind you hide behind
Tis a delicous kind of loving, of the timeless loving kind

Tis just a simple wording, of something from above
Tis very very simply, a cosmic kinda love
Can be done in many words, a glance, or just a shrug
Or even just a kind of, gentle loving hug

So might as well just surrender, and throw your hands up high
And certainly give up that word, that simply does ask why
Cos we will take that simple why word, and throw it on the heap
And watch it roll and squirm about, as that pile grows deep

In fact we'll just take all your words, and rip them from your mouth
So you cannot even answer, and certainly not shout
Might just let you whisper, and maybe ask for more
Of the lovely love thing, that lies simply at the core

The core of the apple, the apple of your self inside
Once peeled and delivered, leaves you naked without pride
But don't worry just be happy, relax and enjoy the show
Cos love will unmask you, wherever you do go

And then we will simply eat you, with a great big spoon
Or simply leap about and grin, like a cosmic loon
So, my loved ones simply, the answer is just this
We are here to kiss you, into cosmic bliss.............

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