Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Sky Green Grass

Well it would be.......but it's raining (even though those in the know, know, that even if it's raining it's still green grass and blue skies)

But you DIDN'T know, that I live so close to Wimbledon tennis (y'know, where they have those most famous tournements (stirring yawn) every year - and on a good day, if the wind is in the right direction, I can hear the clapping !!!! 9Tennis Ball picture in here, bless them all)

So - if you ever read my blog this week, and think 'hey, Wendy Elf, Light of my Life, I wonder what the weather is like in your part of the planet' you can just check out the tennis (clairvoyantly, live web cams, if they do them - they did at the Chelsea Flower show.... did you see me? I checked out where the cameras were, and everytime I passed one I waved ... but you don't know what I look like !!! Perhaps you saw the gold foot, or the winged foot even, or that neverending smile, or the deep glow radiating out from me.... or the space around me as people avoided my space in case they were CHANGED irrevocably (however you spell it).... and did you see that MOST cute guy who was with me - sigh.... ha ha... you know who you are.... triple chuckle.....and there was me going to let you in on my blog address... hee hee.... perhaps you will rise to the challenge and POST a COMMENT on what a fun day we had (not compulsory)....or even let everyone know what it felt like to have someone force you to wave at a live webcam every time you past it !!!!! A challenge, dearest elf......)

Anyway - exercising Common Sense - (I remember my posting from a year ago) I'm going to go make some food for my starving children. Actually, have moved onto Discipline now, as a key word.....yes, bet you heard that slight devic snarl there didn't you !!!!

Love and freshness - Wendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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