Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya World !!!! And beyond !!!

Yes, after a year off for extremely good behaviour, I am now back again to write some MORE.
And thought I'd start off in a simple humble way, by sharing with you a poem I wrote in response to one sent to me by a stunning more-than-a-human cosmic collegue......MORE on all this and everything later.........

Thank you for your stunning poem
That sits and grins in my wee home
And gives me a clue where to burn my own stuff
My God, I've really got enough
To set the whole of London far alight
But like you, I had wondered where
I was to burn my underwear
But I've got a chimney, and a grate!!!
So, I can get cracking, no need to wait
And thank you for reminding me
About the burning, of clothing off me.
And Jane, dear geourgeous one, I have to say
It was such a joy to see you on the everyday
We danced and laughed at the Masters jokes
And laughed and laughed at His cosmic pokes
Your joy was enjoyed by Him, and also me
Evident the fun, for all to see,
And evident too, your nose blowing was too
I thought at one point, Teresa might shoot you..........
Ha ha, it's all funny, and such a sweet gas
Produced by that pea soup that we all ate en masse.
HE suggests I produce daily thought blog,
So this poem I might add to break up the fog
Of illusion, despair, and serious heads
To wake up the masses, and break up their beds
No longer to sleep or snore in their ignorant bliss
I'll shout in their ear and just give them a kiss
A kiss for being naughty, and a kiss for being good
And kiss for being how they shouldn't and one for being how they could
In fact I think I'll just kiss them, just kiss them awake
So that when they hear me coming, their very hearts will start to quake..
Well, dearest Jane, just a few lines I wanted to say
I so enjoy your presence my dearest on this, and every day !!!!
And this is the poem from dearest elf that prompted the response above........
Burning Cloth

Burn a piece of clothing He said
It doesn’t have to be something old He said
Think of something that has always irritated you
I thought of something quickly that was blue
And then I knew it wasn’t right
Returning home I searched that very night
Something black will do, that silken gown
I’ve never liked and then I felt a clown
That wasn’t it either, that I knew
I’d have to search again and see anew
And then I waited until the family were gone
Because they’d think me nuts burning clothing in the dawn
And then I saw it, hanging on my screen
Very pink and not the least bit green
A new bikini, irritating it’s true
Given as a gift brand new
Burning a bikini is not as easy as you think
Never mind the nature of the stink
The fumes were toxic I am sure
It looked like fabric but it wasn’t pure
More like nasty plastic, oh dear me
I had no idea what I was setting free
And as for burning easily
Well it didn’t, you see
In fact the place is stinking now
In my studio fireplace and how
I took the closing plate away
As it rained outside today
And now I must dispel this nasty pong
And clear the air and chimney of this wrong
This plastic item wasn’t fit
For anyone to be inside it
I’ve never done an act like this before
I’m shocked by the effect right to my core
The devic presence was virulant you see
The burning now has turned a key
The key to set that fabrication free
To say no more can this ‘stuff’ be
Allowed to masquerade as something fine
When actually it’s really out of line
A pile of ash is all that should be left
And yet again I’ve had to heft
Something else that’s flammable on there
To burn the last, to see its yellow flare
Pink bikinis made like this
Are the opposite of any kind of bliss
Toxic more like in every way
Seducing, reducing day by day
Indeed it was a pretty thing
Shiny with a touch of bling
Perhaps when I was very small
I might have fallen for it all
Indeed if DC hadn’t requested
Such a burning I would have been tested
In another way as I might have thought
That to wear it I ought
As it was of course a gift
Something meant to give a lift
I’m so grateful now I cannot even try
To wear that thing if she comes by
So many things today have been set free
And one of them is part of me
JMD 26.6.6


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you lovely Wendy, your lines are such a tonic
My nose within the workshop was really quite atomic
The ending of my spine was also out of line
Trying to transcend the pain, I wasn't feeling fine

Discomfort was my middle name every single day
The devas having fun, insisting I must pay
No matter what I did, no matter how I tried
They kept on winning over me with all their devic pride

I'm fed up with my nose, my sinuses that never work
In workshops doing what we do I often feel a jerk
I know it's up to me to master all this stuff
I'm trying to show these little sods I've really had enough

These little sods are devas having so much fun
I'll find their names and kick them out and tell them all to run
Far away, away from me and particularly my spine
Those drug soaked little devas are having such a time

A botched epidural has messed up my back
Given too late to pick up the slack
In labour with child my lovely first
The doctor was an idiot given my trust

I was far too out of it to know what she was going to do
I should have hissed at her and even said boo
Or something a lot ruder if I had had the strength
I really didn't know she would go to that length

So epidural devas are really not so nice
Perhaps I ought to put my spine on ice
Or better still take DCs advice
And find their names and kick them in to touch
So the little sods can't bother me so much

Those seats aren't either the softest in the land
Back support remembered would also give a hand
I'm writing down a note to remind me to find
Exactly the right support to my back be kind

As for my nose, I wonder what to do
Is that a devic problem too?

Ha, ha, you've got to laugh... Love Jane ;p))

Anonymous said...

Is this a spiritual blog from a Divine Fool? Hmm sounds like it to me! Dont worry and be happy is the message and everything is up.