Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thrown Beauty

Well, I could have used the word 'litter'.......but can you feel how your vibration immedieatly drops? In fact, plummets, rather like litter does from a little hand (as in conscious awareness rather than size) to the floor/pavement/grass/road/tree..........etc etc. Well - the effects of taking my 11,000 (photos, in a year, in case you didn't read earlier) has allready has reached profound heights. But there again, the more you get to read me, you'll realise that my life is lived on The Pinnacle of Profound Heights. So perhaps I need to slowly start to map out to you the ways of seeing, in Life According to Wendy. It does come with a health warning.

Profound Health Warning.......Phew - in other words: (and a promise) Stepping with me awhile WILL change you.....well, not exactly change YOU, but seeing as most of the population don't know who they are (which is very very funny), but a bit like a various, a trojan horse, so to speak, magic of the inner kind will work it's way through your system. Life is not what it seems !!!! (Great laughter and immense joy)

Okay - the effects of taking the pictures. As I was walking back from school at 1.30 pm today, (no, I am not an incredibly intelligent 5 year old, though we have a lot in common) I realised that I was looking at everything differently than I usually did. No camera with me, as I was carrying a green watering can too at the time (science experiment in the playground) was caught by the awareness of the things I could take pictures of if I did have it. Then I kept seeing all the rubbish. It was truly stunning. Masses of it, caught in railings, blown into little tiny places you wouldn't think of........ and then I started to connect into all the people who had thrown it, or dropped it. Not connecting straight into my own system, but seeing all the cordings, and handing them over to Him. And I started to understand and feel the lack of love..........usually, happy people don't throw rubbish. Well, I should say happy AWAKE (or kind of awake) people, don't throw rubbish. They care, they have a frequency of order about them. They realise even if it be on some deep deep unseen level that we are all One........... So, then I started to see the rubbish and feel the love, at the same time.

Seeing rubbish used to drop my frequency. My vibration would become snarled up, and follow it down. The rubbish deva would trash my system too. Not now !!! Ha Ha !!! I loved every piece of rubbish all the way home. But it was more than that - I loved every person connected to that piece of rubbish... and a lot of the people connected to the
people who were connected to the rubbish !!!! Glorious it was......... What astounded me was the sadness. The lost and lonely sadness of it all. There's nothing quite like a white plastic bag blowing forlornly without a home. In the midst of it all, lo and behold, was a man collecting the rubbish, with his bright green flourescent jacket, black bin bag, and long white stick. I often say hello to them (no, I don't know them) and say 'well done - you're doing a grrrreat job'. They are allways delighted and break out into big smiles. They are the unseen in our world a lot of the time. Like the rubbish we walk over. And look what they are doing - collecting all that sadness and giving it a home........ha ha... just like me !!!

Do you know, a perfect master could be out there picking up rubbish right in your road this very minute !!!!!!! And then I got home - and found myself looking at my feet, and seeing what kind of rubbish I have in my own home......... Well, not so much rubbish perhaps, but things without a home (though that piece of cardboard was definatly a piece of rubbish, not sure where that came from). The hole in the floorboards is a secret place. Actually, when I took it up to do some electrical work underneath I left a little time capsule in there, with a note saying something like 'hello nice person who finds this...........' So - A challenge and an invitation - next time you see a piece of rubbish, love it. Next time you see someone picking up rubbish, tell them what a great job they are doing - watch them beam !!! Then you'll feel good, they'll feel good, the rubbish will feel good.... and on and on and on. Choices - ha ha............

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