Monday, June 26, 2006

A BIG clue .........(and a challenge and a choice)

Did you know that blog spelt backward is GOLD !!!

A big clue there dear fact I might change my name to Wendy Big Clue......

Well - perhaps even Wendy LotsofClues.......... did you know the name Wendy means 'walks with God' (another BIG clue)

Over this next year I am going to take 11,000 photographs. Are you impressed? I am. Very. And guess what? You are gonna see some of them !!!! Just got to get a few things sorted out, like a filing system for them, so my computer doesn't blow up, and how I can find things when I want them. For instance in the bit before when I said what the name Wendy meant, I want to put a picture of my foot. I mean this is the foot of the being that is/walks with God !!!! How neat is that !!!

So - a challenge and a choice.... which foot is it to be ?- Heathen - and in case you were wondering, from now on, if I write Heathen, it stands for Heart Thumps Energetically - (abc - which means another big clue-)........the Heathen word will change, but a bit of healing to all the misuse of that word won't go amiss will it - I remember the burnings and slayings and all things horrible in the name of justice and freedom (up you go me earthbound souls)..........ha ha.........mega big chuckles.

So - a challenge and a choice.....which foot will be posted first - my right foot or my left foot. The first foot to get 5 votes get the posting !!! And who knows which it will be !!! I might just have three toes on one foot, or one foot might be gold, or one foot even might have little wings above the ankle !!! Gosh - if I was you I'd be getting excited allready (all those with little wings above their ankles are shifting uncomfortably at the thought of the potential exposure!!!)

Love you all..................Wendyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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