Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy and Excited

Hiya playful ones...........

Okay - so here I am in the playground, on the swings, on that roundabout thing that goes incredibly fast and takes you to other worlds ... (that is a good place to be, and will be explored further, as other beings in those other places would like to join us in our playground to play, but am sorting out some kind of 'pass key' operation at the moment......... y'know....... put you thumbprint here to identify your true intent and will........ can't have any old riff raff sneakinf into play can we !!!)

However ... decided to change the subject - poem:

Am out of the box and here to play
Joy of joys, it's a laugh all day ....

Love and an apple - Wendyxxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh this is interesting!...Could this perhaps be spiritual instruction of the kind given by a Divine Fool? Sounds good to me, and something like 'Dont worry be happy'...I agree!!