Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being Sick is Great!

Reasons to be Cheerful...

For some reason I got horribly ill a couple of days ago... I felt like I was being purged! Twas my stomach, poor thing. Ate something that made it most unreasonable SICK..... I can talk about it with some relish now, as I have regained my sense of humour, but at the time I just flopped around like a poor fish just flipped out of its little bowl. With occasional mad scurries to the loo, which I began to dread as the evening wore on.
The GREAT thing bout the whole interestingly macabre experience (and trust me, I have not gone into the full gory details of it at all...), was that I suddenly lost what seemed like an incredibly large amount of weight. To be honest, I thought my scales had broken, or brain wasn't working properly.... as when I looked at the scales they gave me random numbers I didn't understand - certainly combinations of numbers I hadn't seen before. Basically, the units column had dropped by a rather unprecedented amount!

Anyway - feeling great now, though a trifle delicate, as it were. As well as doing the lunchboxdiet, I have been looking into the whole aspect of 'raw food'. As in eating things which aren't cooked. (Vegetable, seeds, nuts) I dehydrate a lot of things, so this kind of fits in with the whole ethos too. I have recently changed my attitude to the whole concept of eating. My body just went through more than just an illness - it seems to be running its own MOT .... will let you know what happens next!

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