Saturday, October 08, 2011

Magic in the air tonight!

Magic Key, Magic Key, I see you there
What will you open? What will be there?
Magic Key, Magic Key, wooden and fine,
I think that I need you, come now and be mine....

Having so much fun with my new range of keys. Somebody lovely on my facebook fan page was asking me if I did 'Santa' keys. Just as I was designing some! I quickly speeded up production (which involves making sure I stay off the internet for toooo long), and made a few.
Interestingly, in the picture above, you will see that actually the locking mechanism (that twiddly bit that goes in the actual lock), is the wrong way round!
I therefore used my faithful photo editing software to change them around a bit in this photo. The reason being, that if you hold a key so the writing is the right way up, the lock bit needs to point downwards! All very technical, but hubby now tells me I have it correct...

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