Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So I walk in the green. Feels different from concrete. Do I appreciate it more having seen my feet walking on the grey for weeks? Probably. Does the green feel my feet are different from others that tread upon it? Probably. More slime to download.

I walk up the hill in silence, letting the grey leak out of my feet into the earth. The trees watch me, and I watch them. They know I write, and they have something to say to you....

We wait, we watch -You see us, but do you really SEE us?

A challenge - next time you see a tree, in fact the very next tree you see after reading this, go and say hello. Not a gruff kind of 'ello' as you furtively look around to make sure no-ones watching (or making sure someone is)..... or like an apology you don't mean.
Greet the tree like it's the first tree you've ever loved. It might be a bit grumpy, it's true. Perhaps if I'd been standing in your garden for a long time and you walked past me without saying anything, I'd be a bit pissed off too. But let's pretend Mr Tree is rather delighted to spend time with you. And most likely anyway, you're the kind of person who feels them watching you as you watch them anyway.........in which case, tell them Wendy sends her love.............xxx

p.s. Forget waiting for a tree.........the next bit of living green will do the trick !!! Go and breathe on it............(clue)

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