Tuesday, July 25, 2006

water water...........

Waterfalls are wonderful things. Especially when it's hot. These are Welsh Waterfalls. And standing there under this one (you can walk behind it), I thought of the one in Iceland....and part of me was there............. in the special healing place.

But the best bit of all was the gift that the trees gave me.......... Whilst I was on the coach back to the grim and grey, I looked out the window and soaked up and soaked up the green and beautiful. And as I came into the grim and grey, I didn't notice it like I usually do, I just kept seeing the green and beautiful.....

All a matter of focus, and attention.

So now, when standing in the grim and grey, I put my roots down and step into the embrace of the green and the beautiful. And life is good.

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