Friday, July 07, 2006

Dragon Bits

There's bits of me all over the place........and bits of things I've done, all over the place. That's me, in the picture above these words. When I did the mural it was painted on a school playground wall, just up the road from me. Now the school has been sold off, and the old Victorian building is being transformed into very expensive luxury flats. And I'm wondering if they will keep the paintings.........might have a wander up there this weekend and check it out, with my trusting second breath companion (camera).

If they do decide to paint over it, what will they do? Shades of grey? Colour is quite threatening isn't it. Shows how powerful colour is. But even if they paint over the mural ( scene from Harry Potter) essence of Wendy will still be there - grinning at them. Ha funny is that !!!

Challenge: walk around (or sit) for 3 minutes and think in yellow. Start with yellow, it being 5th plane colour and all - one of the mental planes...... Or....try painting your body yellow (no, not will real paint - duh) and see what it feels like. Funny, even thinking about it, I feel better. Been hanging out on the lower planes today...........yucky doodles.

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