Monday, July 03, 2006


Blue Blue………

So – on the coach on the way back from Wales (a perfect visit you understand) ....
Photographing the sunset, because as you know, 11,000 photos in a year, come rain/hail/shine/boredom/vomit/sleep is a commitment to life itself !!! Am hoping it will become as instinctual as blinking or breathing. I mean when we breathe we don’t say ‘hey, another 39,650 to go today’ (not actually knowing how many we actually breath in one day).

But how many conscious breaths do you do in a day? Now we’re on the subject how many
conscious anythings do you do in a day? Ha ha………..

A challenge:
Set a timer, and for the next three minutes, everytime you breathe in, say ‘yes’ (in your head), and everytime you breathe out say ‘up’. I guarantee you’ll feel better. Small print: say the words in your head, and feel them in your heart.

Actually, that goes for my whole blogness. Read the words in your head, and feel them in your heart. My pictures – see them with your eyes, feel them in whichever centre they settle in. Some of my pictures on this site are vibrating quite slow, some are quite high. It’s all like fishing really.

I could write loads of words and perhaps only two out of every how many thousand would be able to understand them, or I could write a whole load more words on another plane level and a whole lot more could understand them. But I’m not going to fish for the lower plane denizens………I’m fly fishing for the cream of the crop, for the ones who are awake, but just haven’t grasped the fact yet….. ha ha….. So – a special kind of bait. Sweet.

So – back on the coach, taking what felt like a million pictures out of the window. Could feel everyone around me wondering what on earth there was to photograph – the sun does the same thing everyday – turns a funny colour, and goes down. As I sit there thinking ‘hey, I’m only trying to take a picture of a sunset’, when my head turns and I catch a glimpse of the on-board tv screen that hangs suspended from the luggage racks overhead. It shows a huge sunset, and a picture of a coach, the same as the one I’m sitting on.’….. ha ha……..very funny.

Look out the window, feeling a great joy well up inside me, and the next picture I take has a perfect heart formed in the cloud. Ha ha………very funny. How can we not feel loved, and loved and loved…….

I could go onto tell you about the blue white lorry, with the big white lettering on the side, which in itself would just be a big white lorry with lettering on the side. But if you knew the question I had asked the second before it appeared, you would be as delighted and amazed as me, to know that the big white lettering on the lorry said ‘Skybound’

Which is why this posting is called blue
(Big Clue)

Love of a neverending variety - Wendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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