Friday, July 14, 2006

Eyes above the mud ...

Ha ha............that's what it's been like this week - me eyes just peeping out above the mud.... like a reluctant frog that doesn't want to get wet. There's been a workshop on this week, say no more !!!! Ha ha........ I mean, no, I haven't been on it - been running round the playground, having conversations at breakfast club about nut allergies and trying to keep balanced in the face of great continual negativity (hey, what's new) I've just watched Big Brother and that Nickys energy is still running round my system - .........But life is good - it's FRIDAY and I've been down my allotement all afternoon....and I got to not go to SPORTS day at school... picked fowers instead and made the same decision I make everytime I pick flowers (every time I go) - which is to grow MORE flowers next year.
Cos flowers take you UP......

Anyway - taking lots of pictures of BEES this week - having great fun on the pollen on my flowering leeks. Don't actually seem to eat many leeks - just seem to let them flower, cos they look sooooooo stunning and the bees just love them......look at all the pollen on this little guys legs!!! Wondering what the bees were wanting to say to me... then fell asleep for awhile and played at being human.... then warm friend sent me an email with a picture in it of a bee.... and for one bizaare mind stopping moment I wondered how on earth she had got hold of one of my bee pictures.......till I actually read her words and it was a pic she'd taken that morning. Sooooooooo - coming back from school thinking about the bees again, and the why of it........and WHAMMY -

Duh.........I got it - and it's very simple !!!!! All connected with beeing an open door etc etc.....(which is simple in a complicated way).... but the message is BE..... that's it !!! Just to simply BE !!! Which brings a whole new light to the understanding of the word become..... BIG CHUCKLES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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