Monday, July 10, 2006

Return to Innocence

What Joy....... a brown leaf lying on the pavement that just matched my shoes perfectly I thought. The challenge of taking so many photographs is just that - a challenge.....and an opportunity and an unfolding and a very strange experiment almost.

As I walk the same path to work everyday, along the same amount of concrete, things a little unusual become exciting and prominent in a way that makes me stop dead on my feet. Today I saw a pig. It was balanced on somebodys gatepost. A little plastic pink pig. 'A pig' I said, and took it's photograph, not often you get to photograph a pig on the way to work.

A man was walking towards me, grinning. So I half grinned back, and he said 'good morning'.....- okay, perhaps nothing unusual there to a lot of you.... but this is LONDON... and we're British. Which means you don't say hello to random strangers in case they want your phone, or money or are just very strange.

It took me nearly a year to get a greeting out of the man with the nice dog I passed everyday on his way to the park.

And another thought......... The One who is Perfect is in every moment I take a photo... sometimes he's farther away, and sometimes he's closer and sometimes he's taking the photo, and I know he's taking the photo ('not often enough' I'm being told)

Thought it's about time I'd peel off a layer for you... ha ha.... do you know that I have a full department of friends that help me out. True, you can't see them, true, they find everything incredibly funny, true, they're getting rather excited at meeting you all. 'Just you wait' they say, gleefully....'just you wait' (got me worried now, what do they have in mind!!!) And also true, I have to say - life is not what it seems.......

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