Tuesday, April 03, 2007

multidimensional realities

Hahaha.....dreaming dreams of second life.... where I type in chat boxes, and talk to yellow foxes - and it doesn't seem bizaare. But nothing ever does, seem bizaare - never has actually!!!! Ha aha.... - I remember last easter, when I dressed up as a giant white bunny at school...hehe.... well, actually, we started off at the local tube station. Me and two others - one dressed as a doctor in a white coat, and the other dressed as a kind of mad militant with 'bunny patrol' tag. Walked to school, down the hill, greeting everyone as I went...how cool! Not often you get to be a giant white bunny. Well, not then, anyway.... the funniest thing was going into a greengrocers and buying carrots. No-one seemed to find it as funny as I did... but I think maybe they were a bit scared!...........haha

Arrived at school to deliver Easter eggs, and pose for the local press. Bit amazed to discover that half the little kids cried when bunny waltzed in....(so real).... the other half pulled bunnies tail.....grrrrrr eheheh

Saw a friend in a fab crow avi yesterday.....how cool would that be to go around pecking things!... mmmn... might try it... but to be a giant white bunny in sl appeals still.... go to newbie spots and offer to show them the door that alice missed...... (rolls around laughing)....hahaha

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CuDobh said...

I really enjoy reading your blog...

It would be lovely to see you in that bunny-avatar you are talking about... ;-)