Thursday, August 24, 2006

So many beautiful, most beautiful bits of the planet have stuck to me on the inside - stuck to my heart like post-it notes. So many beautiful, most beautiful people with hearts of pure magic I have looked into, and shared time with, then folded them up like little messages from the divine, and placed lovingly into my heart too.

Sometimes my heart is so big I think I might just explode, and all the wonders I keep in there will come raining out...........

How do I tell you are loved. Well - just tell you again and again I suppose..... in as many different ways as I can. I can be very varied. I come in many guises and disguises - ha... and in some very perfect and inperfect places at most perfect and inperfect times and places.

So - variations on love. A love so big that one spark can ignite, one glance may melt all the barriers placed in its path.

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