Friday, August 25, 2006

Undying flower

And the Father sent me, he sent me for a walk –

Give all around a touch of joy, in all you walk and talk,

Bring down all the barriers, rip up roots of despair

Love every inch and blade of grass, and spread sunshine everywhere.

Every breath a blessing, upon the land of old

Rescuing the darkest ones, and cleaning off the mould.

Scrubbing all free of desires and habits born without a care

Touching with a lightness all that you find there.

I send you out into the world, undying flowers of the heart

Touching all within the dream, with your music, words and art.

You are my gifts and blessings rare, nurtured in cave of sorrow

But now you need to live the moment strong and true, no yesterday or tomorrow

So walk in beauty, walk in light, and gently love all hiss,

Touch all you see externally with a never ending kiss

The dawn is here now, not then, and the pink light of love spreads out

To radiate unending joy with an enthusiastic shout...........

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