Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ha... and there was me debating last night to go to sleep or continue having fun in second life. Well, actually that is a lie. Sitting on my orange mushroom, after having one drink too many that I was beginning to slip sideways.... my purple wings all a flutter... phew. And you know what those material squirrel wings are like!!!!! One touch... can lead to the next...lol. It was the last blue drink that did it....lol.
Anyway - went to bed far too late and arrived in rl at school with a sl hangover and a sheepish grin. Our lesson was being observed by the head... but heh... she likes me... just grinned and talked a lot (mmn - just like in second life eh!!!!!lol) and finally got them to understand what the word parallel means. Just like PARALLEL realities perhaps!!!!!
When we were doing the subjects of perimetres and area... I was finishing off arranging the lease on my parcel of land.... and trying to work out exactly what so metres squared looks like. Ha.... numbers and me don't get on. So many paces by so many paces... now that is helpful!
Well - I could go on and on and on and on here... but won't - cos am kind....but parachuting off the Eiffel tower WAS fun (though heights scare me silly, as I found out in my rl trip to Peru, when I think I internally re-lived being thrown off the the top of the mountain as some kid of sacrificial offering)

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