Friday, September 07, 2007

~ Blessing 'Addiction' ~

Addicted to coffee, addicted to tea,
Addicted to talking, bout Me and Thee
Think its time to bless the word
That's often mentioned, often heard

So I take it by its little hand
Place it gently on beach like stand
Stand well back, and light its fuse
Wow - how funny, it looks confused

It's never been picked up so gently before
'Fear and Loathing' its title on door
'Awwww, dear sweet thing,' I whisper to it
'Come, my love, now up you sit

Onto you now, I do pour love
Out of my hosepipe, connected above
Time for you to ascend you see
Time for 'addiction' to be set free

And stepping back, I wave goodbye
To the word 'addiction', all ready so high
From the fumes of love, that get up its nose
Its getting allready, a rather large dose...

And then now 'kaboom' the sky lights up
As 'addiction' explodes into pieces of Love
And so, from now on, whenever you see
The word 'addiction, is written for thee

You will know, and know in your heart
That 'addiction' is no longer, a poisoned dart
Addicted to Love, will be the words you hear
Gone now pain, and gone now fear

So, all loved ones, I now thank you indeed
For helping me, with this most cosmic deed
Together we have, just done a great task
To release the joy and so unmask

The joy that lay beneath the word
'Addiction' now, will be no more heard
Goodbye, adieu, I step out of the flow
To drink my tea, and onward go

To do the things that come to be
Released, awakened, and so set free......

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