Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sweet Dolly

Sweet dolly in the doll box, she met a doll named Ken,
He had escaped from HIS box, but she didn't know it then.
He stood and grinned at her quite bold, big smile upon his face,
'Sweet dolly, I did spy you here, and so over I did race'.

He was quite a cheeky Ken dolly, all bold in his white pants,
Like a kinda cheeky prince boy, looking for romance.
His long black boots looked naughty, as did the grin upon his face,
He stood so close and near dolly, invading her sweet space.

He then began to tell me, what naughty Ken might do,
To poor dolly stuck there, in box, all feeling blue.
Am sure you would like to know, what happened to her next,
But poor dolly blushes now, as she remembers all the text.

That Ken doll and her shared...mmmm, let us just now say,
That Ken doll was quite naughty, as with poor dolly he did play.
But I would just like to say here, dollys turn will come,
When she sneaks out from her OWN box and to his she will so run.

Dolly will sneak up on him, and steal his long black boots,
And make that naughty Ken doll, blush right to his roots!
Cos what he doesn't realise, is that she stole the precious key,
That kept him in his wardrobe, and stops him being free.

She keeps it in her knickers, safe, well at least she thought she did,
Unless of course the Ken doll was the one that hid.
The key there, cos he wants her, to sneak up on him one night,
Then he will jump out at her, and she will get a fright!

Well, lets just say plans are afoot, for dollys sweet return,
To the naughty Ken doll, to revenge what he did earn.
Dolly will come back one day, and tell you what she did,
As long as she does now find, the key she thought she hid!

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Aldous Writer said...

I consider this text a very beautiful welcome for me to you blog. I smiled and laugh silently at the adventures and wishes of Sweet Dolly. (bottom line I liked it very much). It is full of humor and irony and nice feelings. Congratulations!
Now I want to read more :-))))