Friday, July 24, 2009

Wendy's Kitchen

Have been having a wildly creative time creating videos, and planning future episodes of Wendy's Kitchen.

Plans have been hatched to drag anyone who comes through my front door off to a microphone, so they can be a 'voice' of one of the characters who appear in Wendy's Kitchen.

My son has agreed (he couldn't stop laughing at the time, and I think he agreed so I would go off and leave him alone), to be a mushroom (talking about dehydrating). However he also (without any input from me) expressed a desire to be a worm..... :).... so it looks like I will have to produce that video about the wormery! Will have to find a nice photogenic worm and take its picture - only anyone out there has a lovely pic of Mr Worm they may wish to send me!

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