Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegetables discuss LunchBoxDiet

Wendy's Kitchen - Episode 1

Vegetables discuss the LunchBoxDiet! Mr Turnip, and his friend Bella, whilst chatting at the sink, talk about the preparation of a very tasty looking lunchbox. Wendy's Kitchens is the first episode in a whole string of documented adventures, all set in the colourful home of WendyElf.

Future episodes include - Dehydrating with Tom (Tom is a rather delightful, down to earth mushroom), Sprouting the Easy Way, (with the help of the little sproutlings).

There is a possibility of 'How to Make Green Tea Delicious', with the help of the TeaBag Twins (Harold and Ernie), and 'Tummy Talk' (the yearnings of an overweight tummy).

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